Dalmatian Puppies for Sale in North Carolina

If you are looking for a unique looking companion that will never leave your side, check out a Dalmatian puppy! 

We understand that adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility, so don’t be afraid to give us a call! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have before and after you adopt your little Dalmatian puppy. We still hear from families that adopted puppies from us months ago! Unlike some Dalmatian breeders, we want to form a community of Dalmatian lovers that gives our puppies the love and attention they deserve.

Physical Characteristics of the Dalmatian

Dalmatians are a medium sized muscular dog that is designed for physical activity. Typically Dalmatians have a white short haired coat with black to liver brown spots. There are some Dalmatians that can be born with longer fur or tricolor spots. Males typically mature around 23-24inches tall and females 22-23inches tall. They average 45-75 pounds when mature. 

Temperament of the Dalmatian

Dalmatians are a dedicated and protective breed over the people they love. With a Dalmatian in your home, you will certainly feel safe and always know when you have a visitor! They are highly intelligent and curious, so with patience and consistent training your puppy will learn and be eager to please you. Since they are so smart, make sure that you have lots of toys for them to play with! Dalmatians were bred as a working dog, so they will do best in a home where they can run and be active everyday.