Just wanted to send a picture of Sawyer. He is the sweetest dog you could ever ask for! He loves to play golf, hide and seek, frisbee, ball and has actually become somewhat of a special friend to my mother in law.

-Amanda 4/29/21

Maggie lu is such an amazing puppy with lots of cuddles to give and very playful she loves her new friends and fits perfectly into our family. Thanks so much! - Katie 2/15/2020


He is adorable!! So sweet and smart!! I am working on pee pad training and he has used the it three times today! He’s finally eating dry food - that took a few days! He sleeps on my neck. Lol I love him. - Patti 2/13/2020

By the way, he comes to work with me every day and actually made all of our social media platforms! Everyone loves him! He is also almost ready to complete his good citizenship program and absolutely loves his training classes! - Shelley 2/13/2020


He absolutely loves helping us no matter the task! - Jim 2/12/2020



I hope that you have been well! Sir is doing so good! He’s 9 pounds and training is going great. He knows how to sit, lay, stay, and come. I’m attaching a couple of pictures for you! - Eric 2/10/2020

He has just got right into our little happy family!  He has definitely brought so much light to our lives already!  Can’t wait to see him grow up with us!  Lord knows he is an awesome pup to take the shenanigans of his “big sister”!  -Tiffany 01/14/2020


We couldn’t be happier with this addition to our family. He is curious, mischievous and full of energy - all things you want in a little boy. He plays hard and then he crashes. He is very affectional and loving. So far, he is training very quickly and easily. We look forward to loving him, caring for him, spoiling him rotten and sharing our days with him for many years to com 💙🐾💙 -Missy 02/13/2020


Roxy is still doing great, growing getting bigger everyday. She is still perfect in every way. Such a happy puppy and loves her human mother. -Ola 02/13/2020 


He is a perfect angel baby! He eats all 3 meals a day! He sleeps through the entire night! He loves his crate and goes in willingly! I couldn't have asked for a better puppy! I have attached a few pictures! He loves his cousin Bruno, they are best friends!!!! -Breanne 02/13/2020


 She is perfect in every way possible.  She had her first vet visit this past Saturday and the veterinarian was very impressed with her and kept saying that her breeders did an amazing job with her vaccinations and her overall health and appearance. I cannot thank you enough for this priceless gift of pure joy we call Bella. -Wendy 02/12/2020


She is doing good. We named her Annie and love her so much already. -Tonya 02/09/2020

I am in love! Baxter is such a great dog, he loves everyone he meets and they are always taken with him, too :) -Diana 02/07/2020

Thanks to Jade and the Happytails family we were able to bring Romey home with us for his furry-tail happily ever after. -Michele 2/3/2020


She is doing great! Healthy, happy, and growing. She's definitely starting to show her personality and we love her more everyday! -Marisa 01/31/2020

Aurora is so playful, when she's awake and now
she is already spoiled, she does not stop barking at me until I stop what I am doing an play with her :)
She's so demanding, hahahaha.
 I love my baby.  Her first "groomer" visit went perfect! She is trimmed so beautifully,
the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen.  
- Tony 01/26/2020
He’s doing great! Had his second vet visit and everything looked great! He’s up to 14lbs. and just about potty trained...Hallelujah!🤪🙂 -Bobby 01/25/2020
Attached is a pic from Mr. Jingles, he is our bundle of joy (except when he pees the carpet!). We love him so much and we are so glad he is part of our family!
-Gina 01/17/2020

I would just like to take this chance and tell you and your staff thank you so much. Forrest (Snickers) Is such an amazing little guy. He is bringing so much happiness to our home. His personality is outstanding, he listens very well and is so playful. My kids and I are in love. I could not have asked for a better experience or a better fit for our family. Thank you again! -Dana 01/14/2020
It’s going pretty well. He makes it through the night without any accidents. I usually take him out around 5:30 or 6am and he is very good about going.  A few accidents throughout the day but if we get him out about every 2 hours he is good about going. He has absolutely stolen everyone’s hearts and gets ALOT of snuggles all day long. -Kelly 11/11/2020

I’m just passing by to say I’m 7 months old now and well adjusted to my new routine and family. I touch the potty bells to let my family know I want to do my ‘business’ outside or when I just want to play in the yard. I love to play with my toys, with people and other dogs. - Nala 12/09/2019


I wanted to send a picture & give you an update on Lily (Queenie).  We have had her for one month.  She is so sweet & loveable.  She loves people & will go to anyone.  She is so smart & is fully potty trained.  This was the best investment & we are very thankful!  I have given Happy Tail Puppies website out to many people.


Hi Y’all! Just wanted to check in! Ollie has had all his shots and has been playing with his cousins(a husky & shih tzu)! He now goes to the door when he needs to potty and knows lots of tricks! He loves snuggling with dad and posing for pics for mama!  He is growing so well and is about 11 pounds now. We love him so much. He is the perfect addition to our family:) - Brittany 8/19/19
Lucy is wonderful, Im glad I opted for training. She is so sweet. - Lotess 8/12/19
She's doing pretty well! She sleeps a lot but she seems to get very active at times.  - Stanley 8/7/19
Hi There,
We returned to our home in Georgia without any problems.
We are “over-the-moon” in love with our baby,Teacup Maltese,Molly.
She is perfect. She is healthy,happy,loving & smart. She is well on her way to being house trained.
From our first enquiry to our greeting our puppy, everyone was very professional,courteous,informative and altogether a pleasant experience.
I highly recommend HappyTails when looking for a new family member.
Thank you for everything,
Ron & Mary F. 7/31/19
Damon just relaxing on the porch. Such a cutie! - Diane 7/25/19 
Gia “GG” did a great job on her ride home from North Carolina to Tennessee she has been a wonderful addition to our household and our Bichon has learned to love her quickly.  she is training really easy and after one day is already starting to go to the front door to go potty and is using the potty pads in her personal room thank you so much Happy Tails for our bundle of joy - April 7/21/19 
Posey is doing great!!  She enjoyed her first meal at home!!  Running around checking house out!  No problems with poop.  She walked on her leash well and was a hit at our Petsmart stop on the way thru Jacksonville!!  She has such an awesome personality!! Thank you!! - Debbie 7/14/19
On 7/12/2019, I walked into Happytails in Oak Ridge NC after being scammed and founding out that I was sick. On this day I was just going in to look to find a companion for me and never thought that on this day that faith and a stranger (which was an angel to me) seen that I found that little companion and as I was getting ready to pull my wallet out the seller said to me that my sweet little (Sparkles) was paid in full already by another customer that was sitting in there pursuing a dog himself. I just looked with tears rolling down my face and said no way really...and he looked at me and said you will make it and she is going to help you through it all and I was speechless but just wrapped my arms around him and told him thank you and he was a blessing from God. So I never got his name but to this angel of mine you will always be in my heart and I can't tell you thank you enough. - Wendy 7/13/19
Honey Biscuit is having a great summer. She loves to swim and loves to take walks. - Carrie 7/8/19 
Marshall now known as Nutmeg. Is doing great. No issues on ride home
Seems to be getting along well with chilly! - Sue 6/29/19

Just an update... Alistar (now mowgli) did amazing on the journey home! And he is loving the beach already!! He even started swimming with kiddos in the ocean! 
We are so in love!!!! - Jenna 6/26/19
Hi ! My name is Arnie, aka Arlo! I am a shorkie from Happy Tails! I love to play, cuddle and chase the kitty! No, Arnie, no!  I am 5 and a half months and about 11 Pounds. I think my folks love me 😍. They also love Happy Tails!!! 😊 . I wonder how my brother, Ajax, is doing! - Dora 6/21/19 
Happytail Puppies has been the best thing to find. I have the best puppy who is well trained (also by happytail training). My puppy, Juniper, is the happiest little girl who was well loved and cared for before I picked her up. Thank you all for being so wonderful and helpful through this process!! - Mallory 6/20/19 
I just wanted to thank everyone, Angel, Chrisna and Mia for their time and patience and all the assistance in picking out Miss Lydia. Everyone was so kind and understanding.  They all helped me pick out the right little girl for me.  Lydia is the best in my eyes, she has been so easy to train, you can tell she received a lot of love at Happytails.  Lydia continues to do very well with her training (i.e. leash and housebreaking), she has even learned the commands to lay down and stay.  Smart little girl. - Lisa 5/24/19 
Our new baby girl has quickly stolen our hearts! - Christy 5/18/19 
We adopted Bernadoodle pup Monty back in March (kept his name as Monty)!  We are absolutely in love with him. We feel so lucky to have him. He has such a sweet personality and is so smart. He is growing so fast! He was just under 14 lbs when we got him and is now almost 25lbs and so tall! His fuzzy hair has to be trimmed every week so that it doesn't cover his eyes completely. He loves going on long walks and can’t get enough play time and is a pro at city life. He even takes the train with us! He is adored every where he goes and truly, I have never met a friendlier dog! We could not be more in love with him. - Tessa 5/11/19 
Bandit (Marble) and Oreo (Titan) had their 3rd vet check  today. They’re doing great! Bandit weighs 11.4 and Oreo weighs 15—he’s a big boy!  They’re are happy puppies!  Love these boys! - Brenda 5/7/19 
She is doing great! she started sleeping through the night a couple nights ago everybody is spoiling her with lots of toys and she spends lots of time on playing. She has adjusted well , very happy. We had a little problem coming home as the car frightened her she vomited off and on for an hour and a half. We stopped at a PetSmart and bought a Thundershirt and a heartbeat dog and that seemed to calm her right down and she did perfect afterwards. She is very smart and has already learned to sit and we are working diligently on bathroom outside ,but she has done very well so far still few accidents but that will get better in time. We'll be doing our Vet visit today or in the next couple of days. She is one happy puppy and a very smart girl.  We are very pleased to have her as our new family member.  Thanks for checking in on her! Loves her little bed under my desk. Yes, she already has 3 beds...spoiled. lol  everyone adores her but how could you not with that cute face. Thanks again! - Brenda 4/28/19 
She is great, acts like this home was always hers. She adapted very well. Working on potty training. Have a video of her running and playing with her toys but I can’t seem to attach it. We love her. - Linda 4/27/19  
We brought our Ozzy home 6 months ago and our experience was excellent from the first phone call and we dealt with Jade.
Ozzy is very heathy, happy and possesses a great personality. He is a little lover and loves everyone and they love him!
We drove 700 miles and we are happy we did! - Charlotte 4/23/19 
Hi, Jaxon is nearly 6 months old now. As you can see he loves relaxing, knitting, and needlepoint. 🤦🏼‍♀️🤣🤣. He has participated in a 3 hour puppy training and has been working really hard. Trainer said he can go right to kindergarten!  I take him with me in home visits when I see the foster children I advocate for as a Guardian ad Litem. I plan to get him certified as a therapy dog when the trainer said he’s ready. Trainer would also kind to see him in agility training. He’s the hit of the neighborhood and his vet absolutely adores him. He’s such a good dog. Smart and entertaining. He loves everybody and is a kisser. When the time is right I’d love to have a female for companionship for him.  Love, - Jane and Jaxon 4/22/19 
Isn’t she the cutest thing?  She is doing great. Thanks - Kat 4/22/19
Hi guys! Just wanted to give you an update and let you know Paulette is doing awesome!! She is eating her food regularly as well as going to the bathroom . She’s the sweetest dog!! We can’t believe how good she is! My daughter (who’s 4) renamed her Peach Mango 🤣 Here’s an adorable picture of them! She has her first vet appt tomorrow and I will forward her papers along. Thank you guys so much!! - Natalie 4/22/19 
Hi ladies! Guess who has turned 1 yrs old, Revis! 
He’s a sweet boy & a true blessing in my life.
Thanks again - Christina 4/21/19 
Hi Mia! Thanks for checking in! Niko is doing great. We want to make sure that you received his vet records from his one week check up.  He is a bundle of fluffy joy, even when he chews the Hostas! LOL. Hope your day is bright and beautiful! - Jill and Ira 4/21/19 
Hi! Teddy is amazing!!! We are all so in love and our goldendoodle loves him too! We took him to vet this Tuesday and everything was great. So far only one accident in the house. Seems a little too good to be true but we feel blessed to have gotten him. Thanks for checking in!  - Heather 4/19/19

I wanted to send you a testimonial for Brutus so it can be posted on your website. I could not figure out how to do it.

Tomorrow will be a weeks since we welcomed this little furry baby 🍼 to his new home 🏡. Although it’s only been a week we already LOVE him SO MUCH!!! He’s adjusted so well and he’s such a good baby. He’s very clumsy and is making us laugh 😂 daily. He’s like our little shadow and follows us every where we go.

I also wanted to tell you all how much i appreciate you all following up with me to see how he’s adjusting in his forever home. It just confirms how much you all care about your pups and I know you make sure they go to a really good home. I already recommended you all to a few people I know looking for puppies. ❤

Thank you again for helping me connect with this little bowl of SUNSHINE ☀🐾🥰🐶

- Jenelle 4/17/19 
Just wanted to share some photos of Bella. She was a year old March 1st. I don’t remember what her original name was. She is the best dog ever. - Georgiana 4/16/19  
Finley is doing absolutely amazing! I don’t think we could’ve gotten a better dog. Within the first week he knows his name, he knows “no”, he is very attentive to us and is overall very happy. He has adjusted really well to a different food and food schedule and he is pretty much completely crate trained. He sleeps through the night and hardly whines and barks at all. He is super friendly with people and other dogs and is learning how to walk on a leash very quickly. We are still working on the pee accidents but I think over time he will be just fine. We could not have asked for a better dog. We took him to the vet the Monday after we got him and he is healthy and getting on a vaccine schedule. Please let us know if you need anything from us at this point. - Bailey + Oscar 4/15/19  
Pepper is doing great, and getting settled in to his new home. He has such a great disposition! Here are a few recent pics. He got a haircut and we took him to the beach with us this past weekend. - Kyle 4/15/19 
We just wanted to send updated pictures of our perfect boy, Miles!
(Formerly Onyx, the schnoodle). He’s really grown (8.5 lbs now) and his personality is something else! He goes everywhere with us and thoroughly enjoyed his first trip to The Omni Grove Park Inn in Asheville. Wherever Miles goes people fall in love. Thank y’all for bringing this perfect puppy into our lives! - Dillard and Gray 4/14/19 
She is doing great!!! We are so in love with her! Our Cavachon loves her too and they both adjusted to each other on day 1!! 😀 We have changed her name to Kaya. I’ll forward some pics. -  Lynda 4/10/19 
LuLu is doing great!  She is finally over her cough and her ear infection has cleared up.  She is getting lots of love by everyone.  She is eating well and gaining weight!    Here are some pictures of her.  Thank you so much for checking in. - Jim. 4/6/19 
He is doing great! Of course, still working on going potty outside and not chewing on shoes. But she is getting along with the other animals great. They all enjoy playing together! We love her very much! - Emily 4/4/19. 
He's doing SO good...spoiled lol - Kenitha 4/4/19 

 He is doing great. His name is Chewbacca, we call him chewy for short. He is an absolute sweetheart. He sits, comes, stays,lays down, and of course fetches and will give it to you. Everyone loves him and he loves everyone. We are looking forward to having fun with the newest member of the family. - Carmel 4/2/19 


"Trish” Piper is doing great,weighs around 40 lbs,so loving,think we did a great job picking this family member!She will be a year old in July! Again thanks! - Chris 4/2/19 
Ozzy (Dempsey) is. 8 months...We love him!  He is a character with a feisty and sweet personality!  -  Charlotte & Jim 3/31/19 
He is doing very well, especially with potty training, he's
very smart! He's a happy little guy, he's just laying on the couch
with me trying not to fall asleep right now haha. He got his first haircut the other weekend, thought yall would want to see him! Like a whole new dog! - Grace 3/29/19
Everything is great!  Dallas adjusted really well and is spoiled rotten already. - Kristy 3/29/19
Hi all, I have been meaning to send you all pictures of Kino (AJ) since we’ve had him home. He is now 5 months old with all of his shots and one big ball of fur! He has finally adjusted to a brand of food that does not upset his tummy— our boy needs pumpkin to stay regulated! Kino and I (mom) are best friends. He is on my heel everywhere I go. So far he’s hiked crowders mountain and took a mini toad trip with us. He hates bath time and all machines (shredder, blow dryer, vacuum). His favorite past time is finding paper and socks to chew up. Our next big first is going to be to go to the groomers, and I’m probably more nervous than he will be, yikes.He is so unbearably adorable and sweet.  I am so grateful that I found him at Happytail Pups and that he chose me. People flock to him everywhere I take him (and I take him everywhere) and I am always sure to refer them back to you as breeders. I was nervous to be a first time pet mom, but bringing Kino home is by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! - Khiana 3/25/19
Hi! Just wanted to share a current picture of Sully (aka Scamp) if you don't mind passing along to the owner.  I gave him a little bit of a haircut.  He does good...for the most part. LOL.  He's doing great and such a happy, playful boy.  Have a great day! - Becca 3/24/19
I had to share this adorable picture with you! Luna (Arizona) and Nova (Georgette) are growing. They are learning tricks, playing all day and stealing our hearts. 
They barely bark and are absolutely amazing. We get a lot of compliments on them and have passed your information to a few people. - Stephanie 3/14/19
We are doing great! George instantly became a part of our family! He has been gentle with our 1yr old from the start and is making great strides with his potty training. I came down with the flu within a few days of bringing him home so was unable to take him to the vet. We have his appointment scheduled for this Friday and will fax you the paperwork! - Lauren 3/13/19
My wife and I had been without a dog for the first time in 40 years. We wanted a smaller no-shed dog and ran across mini Goldendoodles at the Happytail Puppies web site. We called and spoke with Jade about a couple of pups and ended up buying wonderful 11 week old mini golden doodle the experience was excellent. The kennel staff was knowledgeable and instructive and they really take great care of the pups and parents. She is a wonderful pet.   
- Doug 3/12/19 
Maverick is doing great :) he’s so sweet and smart catching on fast. He is starting puppy trading soon and our daughter wants to train him to be a theory dog to visit sick kids in the hospitals :) - Mary 3/9/19.  
Josie (formally Olive) and I recently celebrated our 1 year anniversary for when she became a member of the family.  I don’t have words for the love and joy Josie has given.  She is the happiest and healthiest puppy and waking up to her ‘happy dance’ every morning always brings a smile to my face.  She’s never at a loss for attention no matter where we go.  She even won over the affection of my cat, Annie, who had been an only child before Josie blessed us with her presence.   I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for the wonderful experience I had with the Happytail Puppies family and the wonderful experiences I have had since because of Josie!  - O'Shea 3/5/19 
 He is a bundle of energy and we are just loving him he's such a daring little stinker and daring I have to watch him constantly to be sure he don't get hurt he's been doing really good on his potty training he likes going for his walks everyday Bob said he loves flying off the couch like Superman he goes so high in the air it's funny he also has one ear halfway up now and one down LOL I got an appointment March 7th for him to meet our groomer she's just going to love him. He goes to bed with us around 8 at night and sleeps all night long he's such a good little baby thank you for such a sweet little boy. - Diane 3/2/19 
Update on Jack! (Viking) He is 4 months today! He’s doing so great with all his training. He is so so smart! He gained 2 lb since we got him last month and he was up to 6 lb at the vet last week. Had his first puppy groom too. He loves to play fetch and anything else! He’s such a joy for us to have. - Stephanie 2/27/19 
We loved our experience with Happytail Puppies.  They were efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable.  We could tell our new puppy had been loved and cared for.  She easily transitioned into our home with four kids and a big doggy sister.  She's a great new addition to our family and we are grateful for the support of Happytail Puppies.  Thanks! - Marty 2/23/19 
Good day :) thought I would drop this pict in your mail today. Salem isnt to happy but she is getting used to her car seat!! - Ginger 2/19/19 
I want to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to meet #Sassy. I couldn’t have chose a more perfect BFF. She has been such a joy to have and tags along with me everywhere I go.  TY Happytail Puppies🐶  - Sherrita 2/18/19 
Daisy (formerly Juliet) is doing amazing is super healthy and has tons of love from all her humans and other doggy siblings! She is beyond perfect and has been an excellent puppy! We are thrilled we found our perfect girl! - Talia 2/16/19
Brutus (Formally Taurus) is such a sweet dog. We absolutely love him and he is perfect for our family. Thank you for trusting him with our family. - Heather 2/9/19 
OMG Mia, we love him. He is doing great! He learned to use the bell system in one week with going outside to potty. He still loves to run around and play. Sorry it took so long to send pictures.  I kept forgetting.  I have told people about Happytail puppies.  He sleeps  outside the crate and will ring the bell at midnight to go potty...lol We put him in when we go to work. We looooove soooooo much! Photos attached to this email. Thanks for Harley. - Keya 2/7/19
Just wanted to share a picture of our Charlie (Rascal).   He is now 5 months old. He is potty trained and learning new commands.  He is the sweetest little puppy.   We love him so very much and want to thank you for allowing us to adopt him into our family!! - Shannon 1/25/19 
Our experience has been very exciting and the process has been smooth. Trenton, now named Bronson, is our newest addition to the family.
Mom and Dad got older brother, Tito, the cavapoo, from the same owners nearly 4 years ago. We love our fur babies! - Liz 1/21/19 
We had a great experience with Happy Tails as they were very knowledgeable about their puppies and you can tell they take care of them and want their new owners to take great care of them as well. They were very accommodating to let us see multiple pups on our visit. I must say I’ve never been around so much cuteness all at one time, it made it very difficult to make the final decision. That said, we could not be happier with our little Leo. If you want the cutest pups around, I would definitely check them out. Thanks Happy Tails! - Ashley 1/20/19 
I posted a pic of the boys on a doodle Facebook page and have gotten over 1K views in a day. Lots are asking where we got them from so I’m definitely giving them your name! - Gigi 1/14/19 
The whole experience with Happy Tails  was amazing. You all were very understanding and helpful. I really appreciated the fact that I was able to play with 3 pups before I chose my baby Reign (Pearl). She is a ball of energy! She fooled me into believing she loves to cuddle. She loves to play all day and is soo much fun! Everywhere we go she gets ALL THE ATTENTION! A few people have asked where I got her from and I’m sure they already have called. Thank you Happytail Puppies you have been very helpful!!  - Elizabeth 1/3/19 
We absolutely loved our first time adopting from you guys at Happytail Puppies. You made it easy and very comfortable choosing our first teacup pup. We chose (Portia) Cali babybear Owen's. Teacup Morkie. Cali had been the sweetest and most intelligent little pup I've ever potty trained,  and even have taught her a few tricks in one weeks time. She is definitely a lap baby and a loving little Morkie. She knows how to win hearts over for sure, and she is so happy when she knows she has done a good job. Just praising her and picking her up and saying, "great job! Good girl!" Pleases her w/o even giving her an extra treat.  I have several friends who have asked already about your puppy adoption service, so I'm hoping you will stay super busy adopting all them little fur babies out soon. 
Thanks for your friendly and caring help we have received so far. We will continue to send pictures of Cali as she grows and learns more and more each day.
-  Becky 12/30/18
I renamed Noel to Duke.  It’s where I met my girlfriend (on the helipad when I dropped a patient off there.  She loves him to pieces. Duke and Olive (my 1yr old Borderdoodle) get along great!  Lots of wrestling and tug-o-war :-). - Ronald 12/28/18 
Happy Happy Happy! - Caylan 12/26/18 
Merry Christmas from Ozzy (Dempsey)! - Charlotte 12/24/18 
She’s doing great!! Yes, her name is Tucker!! We love her so much! And she is SO well behaved ! - Austin 12/22/18 
She is doing great. Such a sweet baby❤ thank you all so much. - Ashley 12/22/18 
I just wanted to send  photos of my baby Bentley Hoover Johnson (Creed). I can’t believe its been almost a year sense we picked him up.He has brought so much joy to our family. We love him to the moon and back! - Kimberly 12/22/18 
I just wanted to pass on these photos and wish all of you a Merry Christmas and Happy 2019 - Ben 12/22/18 
We would love for you to share the pictures. She is taking a nap in my lap right now. We are sooo in love with this little nugget!!! 
Thank you again. - Allison 12/21/18
Here is our sweet Bentley!! (Nutcracker) He is currently curled up taking a nap! - Alexis 12/17/18
I was presented with this portrait by all our employees of my girls, Lucie and Lily. They love each other so much and Lily is perfect. Lily has the most amazing personality and temperament. She is obsessed with all animals on tv and speaks to them quite loudly. Lily is a snuggle bug and we love her.
I am so happy we found you . - Carole 12/15/18
Of course, feel free to use any pics I send.  Here’s a testimonial and Zeus’ Halloween pic! Our family is so happy with the pup we adopted from Happytail Puppies.  Our little guy is cute, intelligent, and mischievous.  Most importantly, he’s added even more joy to our home.  It’s obvious that he was breed and raised with love.  Plus, all the employees at Happytail Puppies  were helpful and patient in answering all our questions.  I highly recommend them! - Jo Ann 11/8/18


Pictures of Scout (Jude).  He is doing great.  We are so in love with that little guy.  Thanks so much for taking such good care of him. - Hai 11/7/18


Sorry for the delay in sending. Here are a few pictures from Halloween!  Puppies are doing well, had their first vet visit and go to the groomer's this week for their first visit!   They are getting along well with the kitties, the last picture shows Finn (Coble) with Percy, our handicapped kitty!  Percy has been playing with them and getting along with them well! - Missy 11/4/18


We are so happy with our puppy princess (Dove) thank you happytail puppies- Marjorie 11/4/18 


Luther wanted to say “hello” and ask if you might have a puppy photo of him from when he was born back in January or maybe in his first days of life. I would love to put it in his album. We love him so much! He is such a huge blessing to us! Thank you! - Donna 10/31/18 


We are all so happy that we have our little Pearl. My grandchildren love her and she is such a wonderful puppy. She has the greatest personality and so sweet. She plays all the time. Thank you for having such a wonderful puppy for me. I drove from Florida to Oak Ridge NC to get Pearl. What a beautiful town. It sure was worth it. - Susan 10/29/18 


Good Morning!  She is doing so GREAT!  She had her first big road trip.  I took her with me to Louisville, KY for the week.  She did amazing at the hotel in her playpen and made many friends!  She is amazing.  Keep me in mind for a companion for her.  I am thinking two might be better than one!!  She has the best personality.  She actually gathers all her toys and takes them to her play mat.  If we throw a toy, she grabs it and puts it back where it belongs.  Very funny girl! - Phillis 10/26/18



Jersey “Jerseylious” is awesome. He’s loved. Very active and has settled in quite nicely. We gave him all of his worming meds and he’s been to the groomer once. His first vet appt is next week. - Debra 10/25/18


Piper is doing great, she adjusted really quickly and very easily! She's super playful, smart and follows us around everywhere. We love her to death! -Elijah and Brittany 10/9/18 


Hey I just wanted to send you these copies and a picture of our little man when he finally got sleepy and curled up on my lap last night. I think I forgot to send you where we had taken him to the vet but if you look at the dates you can see we took him just like you guys asked. He is doing oh so great and is defiantly such a sweet and fun pup. My little boy has officially changed his name to Groot. - Samantha 10/6/18


Our little Emory (formerly Fergie) is now a year old!  We cannot begin to tell you how much joy she has brought to our lives.  She is charming, loyal, cuddly, playful, adorable and quite the comic.  She lives with my daughter in her college apartment and Emory is the loved by everyone.  We are also very happy that she is healthy.  We researched quite extensively before deciding on a dog and breeder and are very happy that we chose Emory and Happytails! -Vickie 10/1/18 


Dear Happy Tails, Just giving you an update on Van.  His new name is Frankie and he is living in SW Florida. I searched for two years for a puppy and the moment I saw him on your site, I knew he was the one.  He is doing extremely well and I am very happy to have him. - Marie 9/18/18


She’s doing great! She loves car rides! Didn’t get sick at all! She also ate really well! She slept through the entire night! She’s currently laying on my lap on the couch as I type! - Brooke 9/16/18


Happytail Puppies helped us find the perfect new addition to our family! Everyone there was so helpful in answering all our questions. We dealt mostly with Sonya and Jade when we came to meet our new puppy in person. They made sure we knew everything necessary to make the puppies transition to her new home a smooth one for all involved. It has now been one week and everything is great! I would recommend Happytail to anyone looking for a new pet from a breeder that truly cares about their animals and the homes they go to. - Keith & Tara 9/2/18


Cody is acclimating well! - Rick 8/10/2018 


We recently adopted a Shorkie! Process was smooth and they answer all my 20000 questions! Our new baby is super smart and is already spoiled! Thanks soo much - Karol 7/16/2018


Thank you so much Happytails for helping us find Henry. We didn't even know we were looking for him until we saw him, and we knew we had to bring him home. Thank you for making the process so painless. You all were so knowledgeable and it was clear that you guys care for the puppies very much. Since coming home, Henry has truly shown us his personality. He keeps us on our toes but more importantly keeps us happy and smiling. We appreciate everything you all did to help us with this big step. - Hannah, Brian, and Henry 7/15/2018


I just wanted to send a quick email and let you know that Pearl is doing great!! She did a great job on the 4.5 hour ride home and is enjoying her new home and family. We took her to the vet yesterday and she got a clean bill of health including being negative for parasites (stool sample was negative). I additionally received the vitamins we've been giving those to her as well. We're so happy to have Pearl as part of our family now! - Rebecca 7/14/2018


Just wanted you all to know how in love I am with my little puppy!  Your Sadie, my Daisy May, is now about 16 pounds of cuteness overload! What a joy she brings to my heart everyday.  She is the most adorable little thing in the neighborhood.  Thank you for making my life so complete! - Alice 7/13/2018


Sharing some of the wonders of Scooter's (Scootie) first days with us...he's already bonded with Braxton, (our 1 yr old rescue pup) and shared tons of licks with the grandchildren!!! Hes definitely part of the family already!!! - Lynne 7/07/2018


Frazier is doing great right now and loves his new home in Emerald Isle, NC! We named him Bandit and he is so happy! - Savannah 6/30/2018


Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Dayton, new name "Duke"  is doing great!  We took him to Stoney Creek Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday and he got a great checkup! - Kelly 6/29/2018


Lola (formerly Emma) is a great addition to our home. She fits right in. She is spoiled rotten!  We made a excellent choice with her. Thanks, Happy Tail pups!! - Missy 6/28/2018


My little Daisy May (formerly Sadie) is the happiest little puppy in the neighborhood! She does NOT know a stranger (with 2 legs or 4)! I’m certain this was from all the positive socialization she received from HappyTailPups! - Alice 6/4/2018


I just wanted to let you know that Tater (we have re-named him Jasper) is doing wonderfully. At his appointment the vet said he’s very healthy! He is a happy, spoiled puppy and is the perfect fit for our family! Thank you so much for all of your help! - Nicole 5/31/2018


He’s so awesome. Can’t thank you enough. - Maria 5/20/2018


It’s only been 5 days and they already come when called and sit on command. They are such good boys! - Kathy 5/20/2018


Our sweet Zeus turned one today! We are so happy with him and love him so much!! Thanks again! - Bobbi 5/1/2018


Silky, now Honey settling into her new home!! Thank you! - Xiomara 4/25/2018


Thank you for my beautiful puppy Teddy, although his full name is Theodore Levi (since Levi was the name you gave him and you were his first home :)  - Heather 4/24/2018


Finley, previously Dante, turned 6 months & got his 1st haircut this week. He's happy, healthy, and doing great! Thank you guys for this precious blessing - Jada 4/19/2018


This is Falcon, we have renamed him Thor since our mastif is Zeus. They are getting along fine. Thank you so much. Everyone loves the new puppy. - Gary 4/14/18


Snoopy, Happy in his new home. - Sonia 4/14/18


Joey looking very relaxed and at home! - Margaret 4/13/2018


Cooper looking so cute like a Teddy Bear! - Jamison 4/11/2018


Lily Rose celebrates her 1st Birthday! - Ted 4/10/18


Here are pictures of ladybug and her new sister! - Joy 4/7/2018


Just to keep you updated, we took Winston to our vet on Friday. He was given his booster vaccination and has a clean bill of health. He is a sweetheart and we love him so much already! - Penny 4/4/2018



Thank you so much for our sweet adorable addition to our family “Chloe” she is just precious and so very loved! - Christina 3/31/2018


These are our babies we adopted on February 23rd. They are now known as Leonard & Sheldon💙🐶we love them so much and they are doing fabulous and spoiled rotten! Their both training to be therapy dogs. - Wendy 3/27/2018


Tucker, formerly known as Diesel, has been at his new home for a little over a week and is fitting in perfectly! Him and his brother, Colt, love playing together! Thank y’all for being great! - Ashley 3/26/2018


Kaya posing for her picture! - Alex 3/26/18


Bailey is 1 today!! Happy Birthday Bailey!!! - Paula 3/25/2018


Rennie looking sooooo cute! - Jimmy 3/24/2018


Hi! Teddy aka Kiki loves her new home. We love her! thanks so much! - John & Rona 3/24/2018


Cookie is so happy with her new family - Nelson 3/23/2018



I wanted to share some pictures with you of our buddy Lutz. We love him beyond belief! - Jay 3/7/18 


Noemi has such an outgoing personality. She loves being outside and playing with her best bud Zues. - LaJaiah 2/19/18



Sadie got her hair done for Valentine’s Day! - Lu-oma 02/12/18

Domino feeling comfortable! - GeoRene 2/2/2018


Just sending you a picture of these cuties. They are both so special.
- Susan 1/26/2018


Molly just chillin-Lindy 1/24/18


One year ago today we picked up our sweet Sammi Girl from Happytail Puppies. Happy Adoptaversary, Samantha! We're so glad to have you in our family. - Karen 1/21/2018


Thank you Happytails! Cooper loved the snow and his favorite part was sticking his face in for a bite! - Stephanie 1/18/2018


We named him Jasper and are so in love! He is the absolute sweetest. Thank you so much! - Sarah 1/13/2018


We picked up our new Goldendoodle baby from Happytail Puppies last week. Highly recommend their services. Bear (formally known as Caine) is a happy healthy boy. Thanks Sonya and crew! - Jacob 1/12/2018


Jensen looking cute! - Suzanne 1/10/18


Jack aka Calvin for your website. He is growing up. He is so cute and sweet.❤️ - Cathy 1/5/2018

My sweet TeddyBear puppy Dixie 🐾 She is precious and Sonya and everyone at HappyTails is amazing!!! Her vet checks have been perfect and we have even caused a traffic jam at the local drive thru trying to get breakfast because people were coming over to our car to see our beautiful puppy. I even have had neighbors from streets over pull in my driveway when I am outside with her to see her because they said she is the prettiest puppy they have ever seen!! HappyTails is the BEST!!! ❤️🐾🐶🐾 - Angie 1/3/2018


I love this beautiful girl! You guys have changed my life! Thank you for raising her, training her, and keeping her healthy and happy! We were made for each other:). - Michelle 12/27/2017


Hi!  It’s Present’s new family!  Her official new name is Stella K.❤️ we are in love. Here are a few pics from last night. She made the 7h ride home yesterday perfect. No accidents. Whimpered maybe the first two mins and then not another sound. She is eating hard food well. Slept well last night. Didn’t wake up till 4:30!  - Jessica 12/23/2017


Merry Christmas from Venus!! 12/11/17 - Pennie!


Izzy chilling! ❤️  Martha - 12/7/17




Lucy looking so cute, thanks Happytails! - Dottie 12/5/2017


I highly recommend Happytail puppies! We were attended by Jade and thought she was so sweet! They truly take wonderful care of each puppy and I can see how much love and attention each puppy is given! The home was clean and prepared just for the puppies. We are so happy with our new addition to the family! Thank you so much Happytail Puppies! - Zena 12/4/2017



Here’s bones!!!! He is so freakin spoiled and so sweet. He is the light of our lives. He also have a heart shaped pattern on his butt lol! His nickname is bubba!!! - Brandy & Everette 11/21/17




Bo made it to his new home! - Vickie 11/18/17


Sonya, Thank you so much to you and the rest of your staff Jade, Beth and Christine. Everyone was so helpful and kind. Georgie and Winston bring my mom and I so much joy! Attached is the first picture of Georgie and the second one of Winston. I hope you and your family and most importantly the rest of the staff have an amazing holiday season! So greatful I found you guys and my two little joys!  -Angelina 11/17/2017


Mom (Evon Goodson)is really enjoying her little fur baby. She has renamed her Emie Cocopuff. Emie is such a wonderful companion for mom. She follows her everywhere and keeps mom smiling! Thank you for your time spent with us. We are enjoying this happytail! - Paula 11/14/2017


Luke (formerly Barlow) has arrived at his new home in Smithfield,Va!!!
 Courtney & Emersyn Dortch want to thank the staff at Happytail (especially Jade) for answering and meeting all our needs!!! Thanks!!! - Travis 11/14/2017


Zeek and Peyton weighing 10 pounds each. So cute! - Sharon and Charlie 11/13/2017


Bill and I just wanted to let you know that Bella was a super-trooper on her ride home! No nausea, just plenty of curiosity! She had her first outdoor doo-doo at rest area #1, and her first outdoor piddle at rest area #2. She just loves the leaves crunching underfoot! She’s a very curious and very smart girl. She is doing great inside; she always goes to her pads to do her business. She gets a great deal of praise every time! When she goes outdoors, she gets even more praise and rewards! She loves to snuggle and seems to be super happy in her new surroundings with her new family!Were head-over-heels in love with this little lady! Thanks for being such a wonderful breeder! We could not be more pleased with her!!! - Bill & Nancy 11/13/2017


I thought you might like to see Sir Brayson  (vix) in his coat and hat . He's a good little guy. - Gloria 11/12/2017


Hi Sonya! Just wanted to let you know Henley (Pax) is growing like a weed and developing quite the personality. He is still a great cuddle buddy and I don’t know how I ever lived without him!! Thank you for everything - Kate 11/12/2017


Little Tilly is now Lacey and is acclimating into our home extremely well with Gills and Doogan. Jan took her to our Vet yesterday and he gave her a clean bill of health. She is such a sweet and well behaved little girl (with the exception of potty training to be expected). Her next set of shots are scheduled in a couple of weeks. Jan and I want to thank you again for this very special addition to our family. - Jack and Jan Barrier 11/11/2017


Happy Tail Puppies helped make  our family a bit larger and happier when we added Cooper. I purchased our Miniature Schnauzer from them December 2014 as a surprise Christmas present for the kids. Sonya made meeting the puppy at her home and the whole experience was professional, smooth and simple. They are trustworthy, straightforward and everything is as it's explained. Cooper has become a part of our life and is always by our side.  We just love his playful and loving spirit. He is a favorite with our vet and groomer and they always comment on how great his temperament and demeanor is. The common quote from them is that "he's such a sweet boy!". Happens every time. Happy Tail Puppies is the way to go for your next puppy  companion. We just love our sweet little Cooper and we have Happy Tail Puppies to thank. - Mark 11/10/2017


We got Joslin home and she was so happy to play with my grandkids !!! She did well through-night in her puppy apartment  loves her yard and doing well we❤️ her - Donna 10/24/2017


Simba is the sweetest puppy EVER... we are in love! Thank you for pouring your love into him and letting us have him join us in our home and family!! He checked out perfect! The vet was actually really impressed that you all already gave him the Bordetella because it has been rampant here in the Charlotte area. That's evidence of the top calibre breeder that you are! Blessings! - Carolin 10/19/2017


Kennedy got a trim last night. He was the best boy. He loves all his toys. He is getting use to his new home. He is loving and we just love that boy so much💕💕💕 Vet appointment Friday more hugs and cuddles from our vet. - Carnegie family 10/18/2017


They’re petting him all day long, you’d think he’d get tired of it, nope, he loves it! Thank you so much for such a sweet pup - Julia 10/16/2017


So cute!!! The groomer loved your suggestions.  And also wants more breeders like you all! - Pennie 10/14/2017


When I came to Happytail Puppies, I knew my life was about to change! It was love at first sight with Tito, and Sonya was so helpful answering all of my questions and giving advice for a first time puppy mom! Tito is now 2 ½ years old and has the most wonderful qualities. He’s athletic, handsome, smart, loving and loyal. Tito is asking when he will get a 4-legged brother… we’ll just have to wait and see! - Liz 10/12/2017


Cooper (aka Buddy Cavapoo) turns 1 year old... He is the sweetest, most lovable dog I have ever experienced. He loves all people and as well as his toys. Living on the coast is perfect for him since he enjoys the beach and loves to swim and ride on the boat. Thank you so much for breeding and nurturing this extraordinary pup...he has changed my life! - Craig 10/10/2017


Little Gunner is loving his new home!  Thanks Happytails! - Jennet 10/9/2017


Our first road trip to our Kansas City house. Mozart now called Buddy is pooped. - Melanie 10/5/2017


Happy 1st birthday to Mia! The world has certainly become more fun since you came into our lives last year! You have grown from 4 pounds to almost 11 pounds and you seem to have endless bouncing energy 🎉🐶❤️ Love you Chica!  - Kelly 10/3/2017


This is Mindy purchased from Happytail puppies. She was born June 15, 2017. She is so precious. I have worked with a lot of breeders over the years and I feel Sonya has the best lines of dogs and is a terrific breeder. I would highly recomend purchasing from Happytail puppies for a well and happy pup. - Teresa 10/2/2017


Finley the Cavapoo riding home from Happytail puppies! It was a great experience working with you! - Mary 9/30/2017


Sadie is loving life! Telling Santa what she wants while on vacation at Pigeon Forge! Thanks -  Lu-Oma! ❤️ 9/26/2017


 Thank you❤️❤️🐶 we couldn’t imagine a more perfect pup!! We love her soo much💓 thank you guys! Arya's 1st Birthday! - The Walsh family 9/25/2017


Charlie and Katie! Sitting pretty! - Alan & Amanda 9/24/2017


"Luca just got his new haircut! He feels so handsome!" Thank you - Susan 9/24/2017


Radar: "playing with my new toys and sibling!" Thanks! - Greg and Donna 9/24/2017


Millie (formally Malibu) professional photo shoot - Nicola 9/21/2017


Sidney's 7 Month old birthday! - Gary & Suzanne 9/21/2017


Hendrix (Thumper) Loves NYC! This is from one of his daily walks in Central Park - Meredith & Andrew 9/19/2017


Baron Loves taking nap! - Laura 9/19/2017


Charlie (Schnoodle) riding home with his new baby sister Katie ((Schnoodle)...Thank you - Alan and Amanda 9/18/2017


She was shocked-!  She was walking home from a neighbors and saw me in the driveway and froze. She said who's dog? I told her ours and she screamed! She could not believe I said nothing before - loves him has had him outside waking and playing - very cute - he's a sweet sweet puppy! - Trudie 9/8/2017


Just wanted to send a few pictures of Winslow (now Minnie -after Minnie Mouse). She is so sweet and wiggly! She loves to play and has proven to be quite the match for her big sissy Bella Poo. I am so thankful to you for giving me such a sweet girl! - Kayla 9/7/2017


Happy 4 month birthday to Zeus! 
He is still a great puppy! 
He had his second vet check up and is weighing in at a whopping 3.8lbs! 
Little guy but has a HUGE personality!
- Bobbi 9/5/2017


We love our Cavapoo from Happytail puppies!!! - Rosemary 9/5/2017


Brody is so happy. Waffles has been a trip since we got home. He was a little shy for a few minutes then he was chasing us and playing. We love him so much  -Candis 8/25/2017


We ❤️ Leo! He's such a great addition to our family! He's 12 weeks old and is the sweetest boy! We had a great experience with Happy Tail Puppies and would recommend them to anyone! - Lowry


Love our Maggie (originally Brooklyn), she is like our child! We had such a great experience with Sonya and I am currently trying to convince my husband we need a friend for sweet Maggie. If we do, we will definitely be calling Sonya! I would recommend happytail to everyone! - Ashley


Koa and Zoey (Noel) are home and getting settled in together!! - Brittany


Our Bambi turned 1 year old today! She has been a wonderful addition to our family.  Thank you Happytail Puppies! - Seren


Leia loving on Willem. Such a loving puppy. Such a great addition to our family! Thanks Sonya - Krista


We've had Kobe (Casper) for 3.5 weeks and he's the perfect addition to our family. - LaTasha


Taking Flora (Flo for short)....to her forever home....our home....She has slept most of the way.. So happy. She is a doll. Thank you Happytail Puppies. - Cindy


Hi Sonya, Wanted to let you know that Birdie (Maizy) is doing great and just had her first haircut! She is so well-behaved and loves to cuddle  - Casey


So excited to pick up our new puppy Sidney tomorrow. Crosby is going to be a big brother. Best place ever to get a puppy! My puppy is so happy and healthy we just had to get him a playmate! - Suzann


Can you believe Teddie is 1 today!? I love my boy, am so glad I found you guys last year! - Rebecca


We love our cavachon Sandy! She's 7 months old. - Anna


Here is Tank aka Sarge Happy as ever and still growing!! - Sabrina


We love our Morkie Zeus! 
Sonya was incredibly helpful answering our questions and arranging pick out and pick up. She has checked in several times and I can tell she very much cares for all of her puppies!  We would highly recommend to anyone looking for a new addition to their family! - Bobbi

I have gotten two Cavapoo puppies from happytails! Sonya's home is extremely clean and she was so patient with me. She is always there when I need her! Thank you Sonya and the team at happytails, I love my babies! - Jade


This is Lily. She is very spoiled as you can tell. I was so pleased with my experience with Happytail puppies. She is my first small dog I've ever had so I wasn't sure what to expect. Sonya was so kind and helpful. I recommend them to everyone! Thank you for my sweet Lily Bug!! - Ashley


Sunny ! Our experience at Happy Tails was amazing. Sonya answered all of our questions and still do when we need her ! Our puppy is now almost 8 months old and healthy - Elisa 


Grey.. he was our first puppy we got from Happytails.. His experience was so good we went back for another puppy! They come from a loving home and are very well taken care of - Hilary pt.2


Bruno! We had such a great experience with Happytail Puppies! I would recommend them to anyone. - Hilary


Here is Charlie bear! He is most happy and healthy puppy! - Amanda


 I have gotten a puppy from happytails! I love Roxy (Nana) to death! She is a very happy and playful puppy! She will be 8 months soon! I recommend Happytails to all my friends for great puppies! - Kristina


We had a great experience communicating with Sonya and picking up our wonderful Sunny almost 2 weeks ago. The James family is head over heels for Sunny! - Elisa


 I got my little Gracie from Happy tails. Sonya is a great person to deal with. ~Sanna 

I got my little Gracie from Happy tails. Sonya is a great person to deal with. - Sanna


Just picked my sweet Lily up today. We love her so much already. She has played all evening. - Ashley


Sammi is a happy puppy and seems to be content to be part of our active family this past week.- Karen


Sebastian has so much personality!! Never thought I could love a pup so much!! Thanks again!!!! - Kristi


This is Murphy and we picked him up the day before Thanksgiving. He loves to sleep and play with all his toys. We are so happy to have him in our family. - Julia


This is Axle. He is a Teacup Yorkie, and is 9 weeks old. We got him from Happytail Puppies a week ago. We couldn't be happier with him! Thank you all at Happytail!!   - Jessie


Love, love, love my baby from Happytail Puppies. - My sweet Teddie completely tuckered out tonight after a full day of Christmas tree farm, hanging lights outside, playing with the neighbor dog Marbles, and chasing me all around the house while I put up Christmas decor! I can't express how happy this precious puppy makes me. Thanks to Happytail Puppies for my amazing little companion! - Rebecca


Hi! I just wanted to share an update on one of your pups. This is Xyna, purchased in Jan and she just turned 1. She is so smart & happy(and a little on the mischievous side, ha). As you can see she is very well-loved and I certainly would purchase here again and recommend. - Chelia


The best puppies around! This is where I got my Goober (Jax) from and he has been nothing short of amazing. Not only is one of the most gorgeous and unique dogs I've ever seen but the speed at which he learns new things is awesome for one his age, 5 months as of Nov 3. Even my husband who isn't really fond of small dogs is impressed. Well worth every penny! - Megan


I have had such a wonderful experience with Happytail Puppies! I cannot thank Sonya enough for my sweet little Stella. I contacted Happytails looking for a female Maltese puppy, and they were so helpful from day one. Sonya was always there to answer my many questions. Stella is a happy, healthy and spoiled little girl! I would repeat the experience over again in a heartbeat!  - Morgan

Brought home Cole the Cockapoo in early June. He is an amazing puppy. He was very well socialized when I got him. Everyone who meets him says he is the sweetest, smartest, most laid back puppy ever. And of course he is too cute for words. After one day with him I couldn't imagine life without him. Thank you so much for this wonderful family member!  Thanks! -  C.T.


Here are our girls meeting Piper for the first time! She is such a sweet puppy and we love her so much already. Our oldest cried tears of joy! Thank you so much! - Melissa



Adelle is growing up! Thank you for such a gorgeous girl! - Joseph



Hi!  Benny is loving his new family!  What a sweet little guy! Thank you so much!


Sonya, just wanted to let you know our new baby acts like he's been here forever.  Thanks so much! - Pam



Yogi Bear is happy, healthy and chunky!!!  And the vet says the same!  Thank You...Jensen


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