2 Week Pre-School Training Package

Happytail Puppies



2 - Week Training - $1495 

This Program is our smallest program available. The two week program begins introducing common terminology and basic obedience comprehension. With this training program it will require more work at home though it starts a ground for you to build off of. 

Commands Introduced: 

  • “Sit” - Sit On Your Bottom 
  • “Come” or “Here” - Come To Me 
  • Lay - Lay Down
  • Yes - That Is The Correct Behavior I Am Looking For 
  • No - This Is Incorrect Behavior 

Name Recognition: 

  • You can inform your trainer of the new name you have chosen for your puppy  

Crate Training: 

  • With the Two Week Program, this teaches you puppy that the crate is a safe place and their personal home 
  • Our trainers use our Poo Palace system and Play Pens.

Beginner Leash Manners: 

  • Introducing your puppy to the harness and leash