4 Week Primary-School Training Package

Happytail Puppies



This one-month program offers a longer, more intensive training regimen and is likely what you have in mind when you hear the phrase “trained puppy”. Here the puppies will begin to elicit trained behaviors on their own, based on trainer and environmental cues. They will not require the constant guidance needed in foundations. Here, we will hone your pup’s skills and increase his/her reliability.

  • Commands
    • “Sit”
    • “Come”- walk/run to me
    • “Down”- laying position
    • “Stay/Wait”- stop what you are doing and sit
    • "Yes!" – Good Job! That's what I wanted you to do! Treat is on the way!
    • "No." - Stop doing that and look at me!
    • "Drop It"- Release whatever is in your mouth.
    • “Okay”- release word, lets puppy know they are “free” to do as they please
    • "Leave It" Don't pay attention to that. 
    • “Off”- four paws on the floor and wait to be greeted; puppies sit for affection
  • Handling
    • Get pup used to handling by groomers, vets and owners
    • Includes getting eyes, ears, feet, mouth handled as well as resources such as toys and food
  • Name Recognition
  • Crate Training (refer to our Poo Palace and Exercise Pens)
  • House Manners
    • No Jumping, (for attention) Nipping, Chewing (unless puppy appropriate) or Barking
    • Start going to "Place”- spot to wait to be greeted, relax and chew bones
  • Leash Manners
    • Start walking on leash,
    • Get used to wearing collar all day
    •  "Let's Go" - Move with me,
    • “Wait” sit when I stop. 
    • Loose Leash Walking- puppy will begin learning to walk nearby and not pull on the leash.
  • Strongly Established Routines
    •  Strong Potty Training Routine with few accidents
    • Mealtime routine
    • Bedtime routine
    • Playtime and Training Routines
  • Socialization
    •  People, animals, new places, textures, sounds
  • ...and more!