6 Week High-School Training Package

Happytail Puppies



This 6 week program offers an even longer, more intensive training regimen that will further reinforce the commands and behaviors they are learning. In addition to a longer term of reinforcement, your new pup will master commands, crate training and become more comfortable with reinforcement transitioning from crate playpen to outside area for potty training. Bottom line: your puppy will further master the following habits and commands:

  • Commands
    • “Sit”
    • “Come”- walk/run to me
    • “Down”- laying position
    • “Stay/Wait”- stop what you are doing and sit
    • "Yes!" – Good Job! That's what I wanted you to do! Treat is on the way!
    • "No." - Stop doing that and look at me!
    • "Drop It"- Release whatever is in your mouth.
    • “Okay”- release word, lets puppy know they are “free” to do as they please
    • "Leave It" Don't pay attention to that. 
    • “Off”- four paws on the floor and wait to be greeted; puppies sit for affection
  • Handling
    • Get pup used to handling by groomers, vets and owners
    • Includes getting eyes, ears, feet, mouth handled as well as resources such as toys and food
  • Name Recognition
  • Crate Training (refer to our Poo Palace and Exercise Pens)
  • House Manners
    • No Jumping, (for attention) Nipping, Chewing (unless puppy appropriate) or Barking
    • Start going to "Place”- spot to wait to be greeted, relax and chew bones
  • Leash Manners
    • Start walking on leash,
    • Get used to wearing collar all day
    •  "Let's Go" - Move with me,
    • “Wait” sit when I stop. 
    • Loose Leash Walking- puppy will begin learning to walk nearby and not pull on the leash.
  • Strongly Established Routines
    •  Strong Potty Training Routine with few accidents
    • Mealtime routine
    • Bedtime routine
    • Playtime and Training Routines
  • Socialization
    •  People, animals, new places, textures, sounds
  • ...and more!