Natural Dog Shampoo by Espree

Happytail Puppies

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Espree Odor Neutralizing Oatmeal & Baking Soda Shampoo - 20oz

Our pets rely on us to keep them clean and healthy. That includes managing the way they smell. Our solution for eliminating odors is simple and effective. Baking Soda, proven to deodorize, and Oatmeal to soothe the skin, will get your pet up to snuff, or should we say sniff, in no time flat.


  • Fragrance: Herbal
  • Available in: 20 oz and 1 Gallon
  • 98.9% Natural
  • 56.3% Organic

    Use full strength or dilute up to 10 parts warm water to 1 part shampoo. Mix well. Massage into coat of dog or cat. Leave in for 5 mins for best results. Rinse thoroughly.
    Purified water, coconut based cleanser (plant derived), aloe vera (hydrator), panthenol (conditioner), jojoba (moisturizer), vitamin A, D, E, oat protein, and baking soda.