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Meet our Forever Puppies! What is a Forever Puppy you might ask? Well, they are mixed designer breeds to encourage health, disposition, and allergy friendly coats! Also known as the “Ideal Dog Breed”. The Forever Puppy preserves the adorable puppy appearance and size! Forever Puppies are a combination of breeds to best benefit your new family member’s personality. A few of the breeds used to craft the perfect Forever Puppy include; Poodle, Cavachon, Cavapoo, Bichon Frise, Cockapoo and Shih Tzu. Due to Forever Puppies being of a combination of breeds, read their puppy descriptions to learn which breeds make up your perfect puppy! 


The Forever Puppy’s combination of breeds inspires their temperament to be playful, affectionate, and intelligent! They are best fit in homes with children and other animals. They require daily light exercise such as walks or games of fetch. The Forever Puppy thrives on affection and stimulation. With the breed being intelligent, they enjoy learning new tricks and games! 


One of the many benefits of owning a Forever Puppy is their allergy friendly coats! With this, their coats are little to no shedding and do require daily grooming. We recommend brushing once a day and bathing once every two weeks to ensure their skin and coat is not dried out. Typically with the Forever Puppy, they have longer coats and some even have curly or wavy coats! With a curly coat, daily brushing is essential to prevent matting or tangles. 

Life Span

The average life span for the Forever Puppy is between 12- 18 years. 


With the Forever Puppy maintaining the “Forever” Puppy face, you will never get tired of strangers complimenting “Your puppy is too cute!”. These “aww”- Inspiring faces will pull on the heart strings on everyone that meets your new puppy!