Q. What if I get my puppy home and I can't care for it anymore?

A. Happytail Puppies will be more than happy to take your puppy back, without a refund. Please do not take your puppy to a shelter.


Q. Is Happytail Puppies a pet store?

A. No, we are not a pet store. We are a group of families that raise mommies, daddies, and babies and we are all licensed and inspected.


Q. Does Happytail Puppies ship their puppies?

A. Yes. We can ship your pup through a trusted and professional ground-transport company or trusted airline that specializes in puppy care. If you are interested, please let us know when you contact us about your puppy and we will quote shipping charges for you. Contact us for more information, info@happytailpups.com. We will not transport on Holidays or weekends to insure the safety of your puppy's during his or her trip.


Q. Is the weight and size of my puppy guaranteed? 

A. Sadly, it is nearly impossible to give an accurate guess. We base the estimated weight off of the breed's typical size and based off of Mommy's and Daddy's weight. 


Q. How does Happytail Puppies ensure that my puppy I’m taking home is happy and healthy?

A. We are the breeders and the sellers of your puppy. Which should be of extreme comfort to you, knowing your puppy NEVER LEAVES our homes until it goes to your home. All our pups are born and raised indoors at our homes. Giving us the privilege to monitor the mommies and puppies throughout the day and night to ensure every doggy parent and puppy is getting the proper care it deserves. Since we raise each puppy, we know they are being raised in a clean, healthy, licensed and inspected facility. This cuts down the risk of sickness and disease, which is a common occurrence in puppies being transported, to the location it will be sold. In some cases, transported multiple times, causing the puppy to arrive at its new home ill and filled with anxiety. We know our puppies so well we can recommend a puppy/puppies to your family based on personality. Every puppy, in every litter, is personally given an exam from our vet. Our mommies, daddies and puppies, when age appropriate, take our VitaDawg supplement, which includes all necessary vitamins and minerals that all doggies and puppies need as part of their daily diet. In addition to health care, we handle and interact with each of our doggies/puppies every day. This keeps them socialized, playful, happy and feeling loved!


Q. Do Designer Breeds such as; Bich Poo, Miniature Bulldog, Cavachon, Cavapoo, Frenchchton, Goldendoodle, Miniature Goldendoodle, Labradoodle, Maltipoo, Morkie, Pomapoo, Schnoodle, Shihpoo, Shorkie, Teddy Bear (Shichon), & Yorkie Poos etc come with Registration Papers such as AKC, ACA, CKC etc? 

A. No, Designer Breed Puppies do NOT come with Registration papers, nor parent registration papers due to not being Pure Bred Puppies. 


Q. Where do you get the puppies’ parents? What are their conditions like?

A. Each of our doggy parents is very special to us and we are committed to ensure they are happy and healthy. All our mommies and daddies are either raised by us or were acquired through other reputable and certified, USDA, AKC, CKC and/or ACA registered breeders. Our dogs have regular wellness checks by our vet, to ensure they are fit to breed and are healthy. At any point they are not (due to age, etc.) they no longer breed. In which case, they live at our home until adopted out to a loving family, or they stay in our family. Our doggy’s health and happiness is our number one priority and your puppy’s health and happiness is our number one guarantee!


Q. What is VitaDawg?

A. Vita Dawg is Happy Tail Puppies' unique vitamin line.  We give it to all our four legged family members. It has all the essential nutrients and minerals your puppy needs to be as healthy and happy as possible.


Q. Why are some puppies more expensive than others?

A. The prices of our puppies is determined based on many variables, including but not limited to, the breed, the estimated adult size, the age and the coloring. We are with your puppy 24/7 until it goes home with you. Since all our puppies are vet checked, prior to going home with you, we can assure you that a puppy priced less is not due to a hidden health concern. If you have questions about a specific puppy’s pricing, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@happytailpups.com or call us 336-403-4584.


Q. How do I know what puppy is right for my family?  Can we visit our puppy?                                        

A. Adding a puppy, to any family, is exciting. We do encourage our customers to do their own research to find the breed that will fit their family best! However, we are very knowledgeable about the breeds we raise. Therefore, we are more than happy to offer suggestions when needed. In fact, we have brief breed descriptions on our puppy pages to assist you with this decision while you browse our site. And YES! We allow private, appointments with your new puppy before going home with you. These visits must be scheduled with us, beforehand, via phone or email. We ask that you do your best to show up on time for your appointment to ensure each of our customers can get individual attention and focus at the time of their visit. During these visits, you may meet and play with the listed puppy of your choice. One or more of our Happytail family members will be present during your visit and on hand to answer any questions you may have. As we previously stated, getting a puppy is exciting and we welcome you to come meet your new best friend before going home with you. We know it can be overwhelming when choosing the perfect pup and we want you to know we are here to help ensure your pup is the perfect fit for your family! Contact us at info@happytailpups.com to set up your appointment soon!


Q. What if we decide our puppy is not right for our family? Can I return my puppy?

A. Before you take home a puppy, it is very important to do your research, making your puppy transition easier. However, we understand that unexpected things come up and the timing for a new puppy may not be right for your family. We care about our puppies and will accept them back into our family at any point you decide you cannot properly care for it anymore. However, if a puppy is brought back to us, under these circumstances, there will be no refund given. This is, in part, to encourage your due diligence, regarding your choice in puppy, before taking one of our pups home. Secondly, once a puppy is returned to us we have a responsibility to have it checked by our vet.  Once one of our older pups or doggie is returned, regardless of its age, it will be re-listed under our doggie adoption page and he/she will live at our home until they are adopted out.  However, the majority of people want young puppies and therefore adopting out older dogs has proven to be challenging. With this being said, take a look at our listed older pups/dogs.  Which make a great, lower investment, option for those who want a more mellow companion or who simply want to skip the puppy phase.


Q. What is the Happytail Puppies Health Guarantee?

A.  https://happytailpuppies.com/pages/guarantee


Q. How do I know what puppies Happytail Pups has available?

A. All of our available puppies will be listed on our site under their designated breed page.  Each puppy is able to be taken home at 8-weeks of age in order to provide the proper time and development with their mommy! Unless, of course, we need to keep your puppy longer due to its size, eating habits, etc. This means that our puppies on our site are able to be reserved prior to this 8-week mark, but will stay with us until then. We do our best to be as accurate as possible with our listings and all information should be current. If you are interested in a certain breed or specific puppy, your best bet is to email us your questions and we will get back to you as soon as we can!  In many cases, we have puppies reserved before the litter arrives.


Q. I’ve fallen in love with a puppy, what are my next steps?

A. Your first step…place your deposit, online, under the puppy of your choice or contact us to place your deposit! Our puppies are sold on a first come first serve basis in which we accept $200 deposit to hold your puppy.  Your deposit also comes off the total price of your puppy. Tell us which of our puppies you’ve fallen in love with, so we can give you all necessary information and apply your deposit, to your new puppy, as soon as possible. You are more than welcome to schedule a visit to meet your new best friend, we highly encourage you to do so. Once your puppy reaches a minimum of 8 weeks old, some breeds may require we keep them longer, and has had all necessary shots and vet checks, you may take them home and pay any remaining balance. This will be done during a final pick up appointment in which you must contact us to schedule. We are looking forward to meeting you and your family!


Q. Can I pay with cash? Multiple payments?

A. Yes, you can pay with cash. Yes, multiple payments can be made, and arranged, during the time you are waiting to take your new puppy home. 


Q. How does Happytail Puppies know the size that my puppy will be when matured?

A. It is impossible to guarantee an exact height and weight on any growing puppy and/or doggie, just like it is impossible to know the exact size a child will be as an adult! However, just like with people, you can make educated guesses based on the size of the parents and siblings. With dogs, you can also use the breed specifications and the weight at 9-10 weeks to more accurately estimate the adult size. Each puppy comes with a range of weight that Happytail Puppies is confident they will stay between. Due to the fact we are seasoned, professional breeders ourselves, we have developed formulas over the years which takes all necessary variables into consideration to most accurately estimate the size a puppy will be as an matured dog. While we feel as though we are consistently accurate in our estimates, there is no 100% guarantee on size simply because it is impossible to know for sure!


Q. What is a teacup puppy or micro puppy? Does Happytail Puppies have them?

A. The term “teacup” or "micro" is simply another way of saying “teeny-tiny” in the breeder world. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A TEACUP OR MICRO BREED. A dog that is described as a teacup puppy at Happytail simply means we believe the pup will weigh 10 pounds or less, when matured and a Micro puppy will weigh 5 pounds or less when matured. Our teacup and micro requirements may be different than other breeders for the mere fact that there are no real teacup or micro standards at all, and it is simply up to the breeders’ and the customers’ discretion to decide what to classify as a teacup or micro. We use the same formula as every other dog in order to classify one of our puppies as a teacup, and therefore the same rules apply- there is NO 100% GUARANTEE ON SIZE because it is 100% impossible to know exactly what size a grown dog will be. As breeders, we also must acknowledge the negative outlook many people have developed about teacup dogs due to untrue internet forums. The idea of a teacup dog is often accompanied by negative connotations regarding the health of a dog. We can assure you that a tiny dog is not going to be any less healthy than a larger one of it’s kind! We take every precaution to ensure our dogs are healthy, and each puppy is checked by our vet routinely to ensure the puppies we are selling are in perfect condition for you to bring into your home!


Q. How do I potty train my new puppy?

A. Potty training is no fun, and it definitely takes time and

dedication to effectively train your puppy to stay it! With small breeds comes small bladders, and with small breed puppies comes even smaller bladders, so expect accidents at first! The best way to avoid these accidents is to strategically place puppy-pads in the area the puppy is staying and gradually begin moving them closer to the door. Use common sense, and pay attention to when your puppy eats and drinks to begin timing out their potty schedule. Once you start noticing your puppy walking over to the door or puppy-pad, begin letting them outside to go. Eventually they will get used to this routine and will patiently (or not so patiently) wait at the door when they just can’t hold it anymore! Don’t forget to give your puppy a reward and affection after they use the potty outside! The best way to train any dog is through positive reinforcement, not scolding. Chances are, when you yell at your dog for an accident on the floor, they will have no memory that the accident, you’re pointing to, is theirs, and therefore your scolding does no good. Remember, potty training takes time. Be patient with your puppy and dedicate yourself to this training for a short time in order to have an accident-free doggy lifetime ahead of you!


Q. What is the best way to get my new puppy adjusted to our home? What does Happytail Pups recommend for our first week together?

A. We understand that puppies are IRRESISTIBLE to play with, especially for children! However, it is important that your family provides a happy, harmonious homestead, as moving to a new home away from their mommy and littermates is already stressful enough. For at least the first week, limit playtimes to allow the puppy its own time to explore and rest. It is also important to avoid putting your puppy in confined areas as this can induce stress for the puppy when they are not used to the area. Lastly, it is very necessary to watch your puppy eat to make sure they aren’t avoiding the food bowl out of stress (which is very common in dogs, but can be detrimental to small puppies). We recommend feeding your puppy ad lib (provided 24/7) until the puppy has grown considerably. Since puppies require meals every 3 hours, this tactic means less work for you. However, you must still make the conscious effort to ensure your puppy is eating, don’t just assume they are! If your puppy seems like they are having a hard time adjusting, and you are worried, please don’t hesitate to email us with questions.


Q. What does Happytail Pups recommend for puppy food? What should my puppy eat when they mature?

A. We are feeding our puppies Puppy Pro Pac Mini. We also recommend other brands such as Iams Puppy Proactive Health, Merrick Puppy Grain Free, and Royal Canin Small Bites. 


Q. I think my puppy may be sick, how do I know? What do I do?

A. Just because your puppy is sleeping a lot or not eating, does not necessarily mean they are sick. However, it is always better to be safe than sorry! If it is a non-emergency but you’re still concerned, we recommend contacting us or calling a vet for on-phone advice before scheduling an appointment with the vet as that can get pretty pricey and more times than not, there is nothing wrong with your puppy. If you are too concerned to opt for on-phone advice, take your puppy to the vet of your choice. Just keep in mind, all of our puppies are given a clean bill of health by our routine vet checks before going home with you, and therefore we are unable to cover the costs of a vet visit after you take your pup home. Signs that should raise alarm in your puppy is if you notice constant coughing or sneezing, discolored discharge from the eyes or nose, extensive lethargy, and/or nauseous behavior. If your puppy is simply not eating on its own for a considerable time, force feed it by putting wet food on your finger and pushing it into your puppy’s mouth a very small amount at a time. As we continually emphasize, we promise our dedication to raising happy and healthy puppies for families to take home. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns related to this promise.


Q. What is a deposit? Is it included in the cost of my puppy?

A. Happytail Pups requires a $200 nonrefundable deposit on any puppy you wish to reserve for your family. It is included in the cost of your puppy and is in place to weed out non-serious puppy owners, and to hold your puppy for you! Deposits and reservations can occur anytime, even if we don’t have the breed in our nursery at the time! If you put down a deposit before a puppy is born, you will be put on the list of reservations and will be notified when a litter is born. They occur on a first-come-first-serve basis and therefore if you are very interested in a puppy, the sooner you make the deposit, the better! Please contact us with any questions you may have about this process.


Q. Can I meet a puppy before putting down a deposit?

A. Most of our customers put down their deposits before meeting the puppy, based on pictures. Doing this is the most promising way to ensure you get the puppy of your choice due to the high demand breeds we have. If you are adamant about meeting your puppy first, feel free to set up an appointment prior to the deposit! However, we cannot hold the puppy for you unless the deposit has been officially made and therefore can not promise you the puppy just because you have scheduled an appointment. Use your own discretion when making this decision and feel free to contact us with questions.


Q. Can I see my puppy’s mommy and daddy?

A. Yes! We can provide pictures and information on all of the mommies and daddies we have. All of our dogs are routinely vet checked with records and therefore can answer any common health questions you may have. If you are interested in seeing your puppy’s mommy or daddy, let us know when you contact us about purchasing your new pup!


Q. If you don’t have a breed available at the moment, that I’m interested in, how can I find out when the pups will be available?

A. We are quality breeders, raising and connecting with people like you, to find the best possible homes for our pups. We are not a product store. This means that we will not have every breed at the same time nor will we have any breed all of the time. This also means that we cannot guarantee when a breed will become available. We know how excited you are, but please be patient with us! We simply let nature take its course and take care of our doggie family accordingly. If the breed you are interested in is not listed on our site, feel free to contact us about it and we will give you our estimate of when they will be available based on previous estrus cycles and litters.


Q. Has my puppy received its vaccinations and worming’s? Will my puppy need more after we take it home?

A. Our puppies are wormed, as preventative maintenance at 2, 4 and 6 weeks. The pups are vaccinated at 6 weeks. You will receive your puppy’s medical records when you pick your puppy up, which you can take to your vet, of choice. 


Q. What is Happytail Puppies contact information?

A. Contact phone number 336-915-2510 and our email is info@happytailpups.com.


Q. Why won’t my puppy eat?

A. Don’t be too concerned if your puppy is not eating unless there are other symptoms your pup is displaying. Chances are, your new baby is just nervous, understandably so. However, puppies need to eat almost constantly. Therefore, this issue should not be ignored. Puppies often avoid eating when they are nervous or adjusting to a new environment and require excessive encouragement to get back on track. This often means giving them more delicious meals than their regular dog food at first. For puppies, meals with high protein are best to keep their growth healthy and constant! Some meals we recommend are Cesar wet puppy food and cooked chicken (for protein) with rice (for carbs). This food should always be mixed into their hard food so that they don’t get out of the habit of eating their intended routine puppy food. Keep in mind, puppy’s need a lot of food to grow. Therefore, you should not worry about over feeding your pup. If the lack of appetite persists for a considerable amount of time or other symptoms emerge, you should take your puppy to the vet.


Q. What does allergy-friendly mean? Is there such thing as a hypoallergenic dog?

A. There is no such thing as a true “hypoallergenic” dog because every dog is going to have dander. On the bright side, some breeds of dogs (including Poodles, Poodle crosses, Shih Tzu’s, Yorkie’s, and Maltese) are considered allergy-friendly because they shed considerably less than other breeds, therefore spreading less dander and causing less allergic reaction. If you have a dog allergy that you are aware of and concerned about, we HIGHLY recommend setting up an appointment to meet your puppy before going home with you, to ensure that our allergy-friendly choices are friendly enough for your specific allergies.


Q. What do I need to bring when I arrive to take my new puppy home?

A. When you come for your scheduled appointment to pick up your new puppy, please bring your ID, your valid method of payment, a carrier. 


Q. Does my new puppy come microchipped?

A. Yes, all of our puppies will be microchipped. The fee for microchipping is already incorporated in their adoption fee. You will be provided a folder with all of your new puppies information including their microchip and where to register their microchip. We do not cover the price to register the microchip. 


Q. If I find the puppy phase to be too overwhelming for me and am interested in adopting an older dog, what are my options?

A. You would be correct in saying, sometimes the puppy phase can be a little hectic and it isn’t for some people. If you are interested in a dog that is post-puppy phase, you should check out our older doggie page. While we specialize in puppies, we also have adults who have been returned to us because their families could no longer care for them and retired mommies and daddies. This means we have adults of all ages ready to go home with you occasionally. These dogs are also all vet checked and well socialized- just like our puppies! The only difference is their age, which could even be an advantage for you. Check out our older doggie page and contact us with any questions you may have about an older dog adoption!


Q. What do you do with the mommy and daddy doggie’s once they get a little older? What happens with a puppy someone has returned?

A. The puppies who are returned to us, as well as the retired mommies and daddies, all live at our home and are routinely vet checked until adopted out to new homes. We love these dogs, and that is why we are in this business! However, if we kept them all for the rest of our life, our facility would become over populated. Because of this, we have started adopting out our returned puppies and our retired mommies and daddies to nice homes, just like their puppies. There are many benefits to adopting a dog that has already passed the puppy phase. Contrary to popular belief, the bond with their owners is just like that of a puppy you get at 8 weeks! If you are interested in getting a returned or retired dog, please check out our older doggie page.


Q. Is there anything I can do to guarantee my puppy lives l longer? How can I have the healthiest puppy possible?

A. The best thing you can do for your puppy’s health and well-being is to provide lots of exercise, mental stimulation, and lots of essential nutrients that our Vitadawg provides that dog food often leaves out! When selecting your dog food, it is important to read the ingredients because not all dog foods are good for your dog. Avoid common ingredients such as corn, wheat, and beep pulp as your dog will not properly digest this and instead aim more for high protein ingredients such as chicken, fish, and beef. In addition to dog food, it is very important to give your dog vitamins to ensure they are getting all essential nutrients they need, just like humans! Happytail Pups carries our own line of veterinary recommended and custom manufactured vitamins, called VitaDawg! Please check out our Vitadawg page (insert link) and our 10 Year Health Guarantee. We have researched the nutrients dogs truly need and were appalled by how much the dog foods and vitamins advertised on television and in stores lacked. This prompted us to start our own line of vitamins to ensure our doggie family are given the healthiest and happiest lives possible!


Q. What is the history of Happytail Puppies?

A. Happytail Puppies, formerly known as Triad Kennel, began in 2005 with a pair of Shih Tzu’s. We are a family business, started by one of our sons out of his pure passion for animals.