Delivery/Pickup Information

Our premier puppy delivery services go beyond just transportation. We aim to provide a chauffeur-led experience that prioritizes the comfort of both you and your new furry family member. At Happy Tail Puppies, we understand the unique needs of every owner and pup, which is why our delivery and pickup services are tailored to suit your preferences.

From the moment your adorable companion is placed in your arms, our staff ensures a stress-free and enjoyable journey, giving your new furry family member a memory to cherish. Experience the joy of bringing your puppy home with Happy Tail Puppies – where every tail wags with happiness!

Options for Puppy Delivery

At Happy Tail Puppies, we offer several types of puppy delivery services: Delivery via Driver Nanny (overland travel), Delivery via Flight (air travel), and office pickup option. At Happy Tail Puppies, we prioritize the safety and comfort of your furry friends, addressing every individual pup's specific travel needs and health conditions. It is important to note that travel time will vary from puppy to puppy depending on breed, time frame, and customer location.

Browse the other delivery and pickup options that we offer:

Delivery via Driver Nanny

Embark on a stress-free journey with our Delivery via Driver Nanny option at Happy Tail Puppies. During the trip, your puppy is accompanied by one of our chauffeurs, ensuring a safe and comfortable overland adventure to your doorstep. Our dedicated driver nannies go the extra mile, attending to your puppy's needs with regular meals, ample water, and necessary "restroom" breaks for pottying and stretching. Prices for this delivery service vary based on your location. This service is particularly suited for breeds with specific travel needs. We prioritize your pup's well-being throughout the journey, making their travel experience enjoyable.

Delivery via Flight

With our Flight service, your puppy takes to the skies for a swift and secure journey to their new home. Rest assured, your puppy's every need is meticulously cared for throughout the flight. Our pricing is contingent on ticket rates and the flight fee at your chosen delivery time. Happy Tail Puppies has partnered with various reputable airlines to guarantee your furry companions the utmost safety and comfort, making air travel an excellent option for bringing your new family home.

Office Pickup

Experience the joy of a seamless transition with our office pickup option at Happytail Puppies. Convenient and budget-friendly, new pet owners can collect their furry family members directly from our Ohio office. We ensure a worry-free experience, as each pup receives expert care and preparation for their journey home. Skip the delivery hassle and embrace the convenience of bringing your new companion into your family with our office pickup option – where every pup's journey begins with love and attention.

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