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If you’re searching for an affectionate, loyal and calm cuddle buddy, look no further than the Mini Bernedoodle. Also known as Bernese Mountain Dog/Miniature Poodle hybrids, these dogs are meant to be loyal and loving family members. They’re highly adaptable, matching their owner’s energy levels, equally content with lazy afternoons napping in a patch of sun or an exciting romp on the beach. These loving and lovable dogs quickly bond with their owners and get along well with other pets. Additionally, they are low-maintenance, equally suited to apartment living and huge homes with sprawling yards. Even-tempered and easily trainable, Mini Bernedoodles have a gentle nature that makes them ideal for families with children, single individuals and retired couples alike. Happytail Puppies proudly offers healthy, happy Mini Bernedoodle puppies for sale. View our available puppies below, and read on to learn more about their temperament, exercise and maintenance needs as well as answers to other commonly asked questions.



Gentle and Loving
Mini Bernedoodles typically have personalities that are a combination of their parents' core traits. Generally, however, they’re happy, sociable and affectionate. Even-tempered and gentle, Mini Bernedoodles are great with kids and older adults. They have a low prey drive, which makes them ideal for households with small pets. Apart from being excellent family dogs, Mini Bernedoodles are also suitable as service and companion animals. These adorable dogs can be goofy, their silly antics often making their owners laugh. They are people-pleasers, so when they find something they do that makes their owner smile, expect them to do it again and again! Mini Bernedoodles can have an independent streak but are prone to developing separation anxiety. Fortunately, early socialization and training address these behaviors, resulting in calmer, happier and well-adjusted pups.


Cute, Cuddly and Compact
Although Mini Bernedoodles have huge personalities and big hearts, they range in size from small to midsize. Adults’ height averages between 12 and 22 inches at the shoulder, and they can weigh anywhere between 18 to 45 lbs. Generally, female Mini Bernedoodles are smaller than males. These compact canines have beautiful, lush coats that are either curly, wavy or straight. They come in various colors, from solid shades to tricolor and bicolor. Like other doodles, they are low-shedding, making them ideal for people with fur allergies or sensitivities. However, it is crucial to remember that no dog is entirely hypoallergenic. Mini Bernedoodles have floppy ears, a short muzzle and expressive eyes that can be very hard to say no to. Their looks are often compared to teddy bears, and they don’t grow out of their cuteness. Adult Mini Bernedoodles are just as adorable and cuddly as adults as puppies!


Active and Energetic
Mini Bernedoodles are highly adaptable: they are equally happy spending their days on the couch or exploring the countryside with their owner. However, ensuring your Mini Bernedoodle gets adequate exercise for their physical and mental health is essential. Mini Bernedoodles, despite their laid-back demeanor, are very energetic and playful pups. While they’re a bit too small to serve as working dogs like their Bernese Mountain Dog ancestors, they are more than capable of serving as their owners’ loyal companions, whether for a leisurely stroll in the park or a challenging hike in the great outdoors. Mini Bernedoodles should have at least one hour of exercise per day. This can be broken down into multiple sessions. Walks, scent walks, runs, agility courses and playdates with other dogs are just a few examples of physical activities your Mini Bernedoodle will enjoy.
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Dog breeder Sherry Rupke loved Bernese Mountain Dogs. However, what she didn’t love was the breed’s genetic predisposition to cancer. Additionally, Bernese Mountain Dogs shed and could be slightly too independent. 

In 2003, Rupke crossed Bernese Mountain Dogs with poodles to create the perfect companion dog that combines the best of both breeds. The resulting hybrid dog, the Bernedoodle, is affectionate and friendly like the Bernese Mountain Dog and clever, highly trainable and goofy with loved ones like the Poodle. 

Enchanted with the results of Rupke’s Bernedoodle program, other breeders went on to breed their own Bernedoodles. Eventually, some breeders crossbred Bernese Mountain Dogs with miniature poodles instead of standard ones to develop a hybrid dog with the unique personality of a Bernedoodle but in a smaller size. Thus, the Mini Bernedoodle was born.

Major health concerns to be aware of:

Elbow Dysplasia
  • Sebaceous Adenitis
  • Hip Dysplasia

    Minor health concerns to be aware of:

    • Cataracts
    • Color Dilution
    • Alopecia
    • Hyperadrenocorticism
    • Hypoadrenocorticism

    Before you start looking for a mini Bernedoodle for sale and taking one home, it’s essential to know their maintenance needs. Taking care of a Mini Bernedoodle is a rewarding and joyful experience for its owners, allowing them to take an active role in their dogs’ overall health and development. First, it is crucial to ensure their basic needs are met. These include: 

    • Quality Food: Mini Bernedoodles require high-quality dog food formulated for small dogs. When choosing dog food, consider their life stage. Mini Bernedoodle pups need food high in calories and protein to support their growth and fuel their activities. Meanwhile, adult Mini Bernedoodles need maintenance diets with the right protein, fats and carbohydrates balance. 
    • Vet Care: Each Mini Bernedoodle for sale at Happytail Puppies is illness-free. However, when you take one home, you have to ensure they stay healthy through regular vet care. Vaccinations, deworming, flea and tick preventatives and health assessments are necessary. Your vet can also answer any questions you may have about the care of your Mini Bernedoodle. 
    • Training and Socialization: Mini Bernedoodles may inherit certain traits and behaviors from their parents. For instance, Bernese Mountain Dogs are incredibly loyal and attached to their humans. However, this makes them more prone to separation anxiety. Meanwhile, poodles love attention, and being ignored or left alone can cause them to bark excessively. Training curbs potentially problematic behaviors, while socialization helps ensure Mini Bernedoodles continue to get along well with people and other animals.

    Mini Bernedoodles are low-shedding dogs. However, that doesn’t mean they don’t require grooming. Mini Bernedoodles’ coats require brushing two to three times a week to remove dirt and debris as well as prevent mats. 

    Remember that even if your Mini Bernedoodle has straight fur and not curly or wavy, it could still tangle. Brushing prevents painful mats and helps keep their skin and coat healthy. Additionally, brushing removes loose fur and dead skin, minimizing shedding. 

    Regular haircuts are also needed. Experts recommend taking your Mini Bernedoodle to the groomer for a trim every four to six weeks. These trims tidy your pup’s fur and make brushing easier. 

    Brushing and grooming your Mini Bernedoodle can be a great bonding activity. If your pup doesn’t take to grooming right away, use positive reinforcement techniques and experiment with different types of brushes. These help turn brushing sessions into an enjoyable activity for your dog. 

    Additionally, Mini Bernedoodles, like all dogs, must have their teeth brushed. While experts recommend brushing daily, the minimum is three times a week. Proper dental care helps prevent gum disease, caries and other dental problems.


    Frequently Ask Questions

    What Colors Do Mini Bernedoodles Come In? 

    First-generation (F1) Mini Bernedoodles, or those who are 50% Bernese Mountain Dog and 50% miniature poodle, come in a wide variety of colors. These include:


    • Traditional tricolor, like the Bernese Mountain Dog (brown, black and white)
    • Bi-color (black and white)
    • Phantom (similar to tricolor, but with fewer or no white markings)
    • Sable and white (dark tips on lighter hair)
    • Solid colors, like golden and chocolate


    Are Mini Bernedoodles Good With Other Pets?

    It’s natural for individuals looking for a Mini Bernedoodle for sale to want to know more about the breed’s ability to get along well with other animals. Fortunately, these hybrid dogs are good with other dogs and even cats. 

    This makes them an excellent choice for families who already have pets. However, as with any dog breed, gradually introducing your Mini Bernedoodle to your other pets is crucial. 

    Start slow, prioritize positive reinforcement, supervise meetings and be patient throughout the process. You can help ensure your Mini Bernedoodle thrives alongside your other pets with proper guidance and consistent effort. 


    When Do Mini Bernedoodles Stop Growing? 

    Mini Bernedoodles grow quickly, reaching their adult height and weight when they reach 12 to 15 months. 

    Are Mini Bernedoodles Good Apartment Dogs?

    Mini Bernedoodles make excellent apartment dogs due to their smaller size, moderate energy levels, and adaptable nature. Remember that while Mini Bernedoodles might seem content to stay indoors with you all day, regular exercise and time spent outdoors are crucial for their physical and mental well-being.


    F2 Mini Bernedoodle



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    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



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    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



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    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



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    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



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    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



    $1,250.00 20000 $1,095.00

    F1b Mini Bernedoodle



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    F2 Mini Bernedoodle



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