Travel Packages


Standard Travel Package 

Our Standard Travel Package will include a safe ground travel for your new fur baby!

Premier Travel Package 

Our Premier Travel Package, ground nanny service only, will include a comfy safe travel kit which includes toys, treats, bowls, bed and travel crate. Not to mention outstanding service including picture and video of your puppy's journey!

Luxury Travel Package 

Our Luxury Travel Package includes the finest of service and quality. Your new fur baby will travel, either by flight or ground, with a V.I.P Certified Puppy Nanny along with a luxury travel kit fit only for the most spoiled of pups. Your Luxury Travel Kit includes a plush bed, blanket, two toys, two treats, two bowls, travel crate (ground travel only), travel bag (flight), pet wipes along with puppy cologne. Also, your V.I.P Puppy Nanny will give their utmost attention and care to your new fur baby. Your personalized Nanny will send pictures and videos along the way, while pampering your puppy. Your personalized flight nanny will coordinate and arrive for the handoff of your new puppy at your designated airport. If your puppy is traveling ground your nanny will arrive at your doorstep with your new fur baby! Luxury puppies deserve Luxury services!