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Meet our Forever Puppies! What is a Forever Puppy you might ask? Well, they are mixed designer breeds to encourage health, disposition, and allergy-friendly coats. Also known as the “Ideal Dog Breed,” or the Cava-poo-chon, the Forever Puppy preserves the adorable puppy appearance and size throughout its life. A few of the breeds used to craft the perfect Forever Puppy include Poodle, Cavachon, Cavapoo, Bichon Frise, Cockapoo, and Shih Tzu. The Forever Puppy maintains the “forever” puppy face, and you will never get tired of strangers saying, “Your puppy is too cute!” These aww-inspiring faces will pull on the heart strings of everyone that meets your new puppy!



Sweet & Intelligent
Each Forever Puppy is uniquely different depending on their parents. But the breeds usually used for Forever Puppies are all people-oriented.

The Forever Puppy’s combination of breeds inspires their temperament to be playful, affectionate, and intelligent!

They are best fit in homes with children and other animals. The Forever Puppy thrives on affection and stimulation. With the breed being intelligent, they enjoy learning new tricks and games!

Because their disposition comes from good-natured and affable parent breeds, these pups can also make great therapy dogs.


Custom & Small
This puppy will look a variety of different ways depending on the parent breeds. Their coat can range from wavy to curly to very curly.

The Forever Puppy is usually between 9–12 inches tall and weights between 9–18 pounds, depending on their parent breeds.

The average lifespan of this pup is 12–18 years.

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Medium Activity
The Forever Puppy requires daily light exercise such as walks or games of fetch. Forever Puppies are very playful, but because of their small size, they may tucker out quickly. Ensure that they’re supervised if playing with young children.

Forever Puppies do well in homes of any size, including apartment living. They can adapt to almost any climate, though may be sensitive to heat or need some extra help staying warm in particularly cold climates.

This sweet fur baby is a people puppy! Don’t plan on leaving this breed alone for long periods of time.
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This breed is the newest and latest in the decades long search for a dog that holds all the best qualities.

Major health concerns to be aware of:

  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Eye Disorders
  • Epilepsy
  • Patellar Luxation
  • Varies by parent breeds


One of the many benefits of owning a Forever Puppy is their allergy-friendly coats which produce little to no shedding. We recommend brushing once a day and bathing once every two weeks to ensure their skin and coat is not dried out. Typically with the Forever Puppy, they have longer coats and some even have curly or wavy coats! With a curly coat, daily brushing is essential to prevent matting or tangles.

Cleaning your dog’s ears regularly will help prevent infection, especially with floppy-eared pups. We recommend getting your dog used to having their mouth, paws, and ears handled at a young age to make grooming an easy process throughout their life.


Forever Puppy

Cade - Available 8/9


$1,095.00 20000 $995.00

Forever Puppy

Kara - Available 8/9


$1,050.00 20000 $950.00

Forever Puppy

Lou - Available 8/9


$1,095.00 20000 $995.00

Forever Puppy

Viola - Available 8/9


$1,095.00 20000 $995.00

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