VitaDawg Health Plan Packages

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 Without proof of purchase of VitaDawg NO guarantee is valid, and All Guarantees are VOID.

 VitaDawg One Bottle $75 (90 Day) Guarantee

 Proof of purchase of one bottle of VitaDawg will guarantee your new puppy for 90 days. VitaDawg will continue your guarantee every 90 days after each Vitadawg Purchase.

 VitaDawg Quarterly Health Plan Guarantee $49.95 (90 Day) Autoship 50% Off

 For 50% off have VitaDawg shipped quarterly (every 90 days) and extend your puppies health and guarantee for as long as you want to have a healthy happytail pup! (must pay shipping cost) (pricing subject to change quarterly)

VitaDawg Yearly Health Plan Guarantee $195.95 (360 Day) Autoship

 Product ships once a year (360 day) vs quarterly (90 day) creating a $50 saving in yearly shipping cost! With a yearly VitaDawg autoship you will receive 4 VitaDawg bottles each year! (must pay once a year shipping) (pricing subject to change yearly)

VitaDawg LifeTime Health Plan Guarantee $1995 (LifeTime Free Shipping)

 VitaDawg LifeTime guarantee will ship Free once a year and include 4 bottles of VitaDawg each year for 10 years! (pricing cannot inflate this is a locked 10 year guarantee) Your Guarantee can extend each year after year 10 for $195 (this will still be free shipping)(pricing cannot inflate this is a locked in 10+ year guarantee)

Why Vitadawg Multi-Chewies work. Vitadawg provides the added nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants that are often not found in traditional commercial dog foods. Formulated with a balance of amino acids, fish oil omegas and B vitamins, these chews are designed to help maintain the overall physical wellbeing of your dog, no matter his/her size, age or breed.