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Happy Tail Puppies is proud to introduce you to our purebred yorkies for sale that will warm your heart, just as they’ve warmed ours! We are the best breeders in the area due to our excellent customer service we offer and the high quality of puppy that will leave our home bundled in your arms. The health of our puppies is our number one concern, so we make sure they have fresh water at all times, live in a clean environment, are current on shots and do not leave their mother until they are 100% ready to do so. Our puppies are not separated from their siblings until they leave with you and they also spend time with people daily, so they are not lacking in social interaction! On our website you will find in further detail specifics about our individual t-cup yorkie puppies, our health guarantee and our nutritional puppy supplement VitaDawg.

 We understand that adopting a puppy is a huge responsibility, so don’t be afraid to give us a call! We are more than happy to answer any questions you have before and after you adopt your yorkie puppy. We still hear from families that adopted puppies from us months ago! We want to form a community of yorkie lovers that cherishes this breed as much as we do.

 If you are in the market to purchase a Yorkie puppy, please browse through our collections page and see if one of our adorable micro pups catches your eye. If so, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment and see which puppy plays a tune on your heart strings!

History of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkshire Terriers, also commonly known as “Yorkies”, originated in Yorkshire, England. They are believed to be a cross between the Clydesdale Terrier and another type of terrier such as the Skye Terrier and English Black and Tan Toy Terrier. Clydesdale Terriers were brought to England during the Industrial Revolution by Scottish workers who worked in the factories, coal mines and textile mills. It is believed they were used to catch rats in these places. The Yorkshire Terrier was introduced to the world at a bench show as a “broken-haired Scotch Terrier” in 1861. It wasn’t until 1870 that they finally established their proper name “Yorkshire Terrier” since Yorkshire is where this breed did a majority of its development. 1872 is the earliest record of a Yorkie being born in the United States.

 Physical Characteristics of the Yorkshire Terrier

Yorkies have come a long way from when the breed was first born. For instance, they can weigh up to 7 pounds but they can be as small as 3 pounds. We specialize in the black and tan teacup yorkies that will melt your heart with their baby doll faces and silky coat. As a puppy, yorkies are typically black with brown fur on their muzzle, ears, paws and on their ears. As they grow older, it is normal for their fur to change in color; some yorkies take on a blue tint to their coat while others may become more blonde. They have a small and flat skull, a complete scissor bite and small v-shaped ears. Their eyes are medium sized and sparkle with a sharp intelligence that is associated with this breed. Their coat is known for it’s straight, glossy and silky texture.

 Hypoallergenic Hair in Yorkies

Our purebred yorkies are the pups for you if you have allergies. Their coat is commonly referred to as being more hair-like than fur due to the fact that this breed does not shed as much as other dogs. This is because yorkies do not have an undercoat like most breeds, so their hair does not shed as much. But lets be clear; there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic dog. Yorkies may lack an undercoat but some of their hair will come out and all dogs shed skin cells; just like humans. But don’t worry, you have a great chance of being dry eyed and sniffle free with one of our teacup yorkies in your home.

 The Teacup Yorkie Temperament 

Though small in stature, this breed is mighty in personality! They are active, inquisitive, loyal, confident and love attention. Though not necessarily recommended for families who have very young children, yorkies who are properly trained and socialized will thrive in any home they are placed in. They are very smart so training is fairly easy, it just requires some patience and a few yummy treats handy! Since this breed was bred to work, they do require physical and mental stimulation to remain happy and healthy. Small breeds are typically labeled as yappy, and though yorkies are known to bark (making them great watchdogs), this can be monitored with proper training and exercise. Dogs are just like people; you can analyze their parentage and come up with an idea of the kind of personality they may have but at the end of the day, they are individuals!