Puppy Protection Program

At Happy Tail Puppies, we understand the unparalleled bond shared with your canine family members and the panic that ensues when they go missing. It is a heart-wrenching experience and a race against time to reunite with your lost furry friends.

For this reason, we provide our clients with the revolutionary Puppy Protection Program – a service we provide with our partner Global Pet Security. The system equips you with a cutting-edge phone app and specially designed dog tags, making locating your lost pet a seamless experience.

How It Works

When someone scans your dog's tag, the app updates you with real-time geolocation. Also, it provides essential owner details and comprehensive health information, along with your pet insurance, for the person scanning the tag. This way, you have an entire global network of people who can help you identify your dog's current location. Safeguard your four-legged loved ones with Happy Tail Puppies because every moment counts in ensuring their safe return home.

Anyone can download the Global Pet Security app from the Apple App Store or Google Play. Here's how the system works:


  1. Download the App: Anyone who finds your dog, maybe from a pet shelter or other concerned citizen, can download the Puppy Protection App and use it to scan the unique tag on your pet. This is a user-friendly digital platform we have designed to create a centralized hub for everyone.
  2. Comprehensive Pet Profiles: Pet owners must create and update digital profiles for their pets, including the owner's address. These profiles also store essential information about the pet, including their dietary preferences, puppy insurance, medical records, breed, and other necessary details. Those who find your pet can use the information to contact you and provide the needed care for your pet.
  3. Lost and Found Function: The app includes a lost and found function, which pings pet owners every time the tag is scanned. This is an invaluable tool in case your beloved furry companions go missing.

By leveraging this technology, Happy Tail Puppies can help ensure the safety and well-being of your pets if they go missing. It equips pet owners with an efficient process to locate and reunite with their pets.

Lost and Found Function

The Lost and Found Function guarantees rapid pet retrieval, delivering immediate notifications with pinpoint Geo locations whenever your pet's ID tag is scanned, ensuring real-time updates for swift reunions.

Pet Digital Profile

Effortlessly create and access your pet's digital profile with the Digital Pet Profile feature. Scan the ID tag for instant access to vital pet-related information, including puppy insurance, anytime, anywhere, so you can get your pet's info wherever you go.

Microchip Registration

Our system includes seamless integration of microchips into your pet's profile, registered in a comprehensive database. Our profiles adhere to AAHA standards, enhancing reliability and providing complete pet protection for added peace of mind.

Medical and Vaccine Records

Use the app to store your pet’s health records, including details when you visit your vet. This comprehensive app lets you access all the information you need to provide your vet. Get relevant documents, such as the best pet insurance, in your hands anytime.

Document Visibility

Access and share your pet’s documentation, including pets best insurance, vaccination records, visits with groomers, boarding facilities, and vets. This feature allows instant scanning, viewing, and printing of essential documents you can provide to authorities.

Microchip Regulation

Hawaii became the first state in the US to require dog microchipping in 2021. Other states like California are also following suit. Estimates show that around 5% to 8% of animals in the US are microchipped, though there are no official statistics since there currently are no federal regulations covering this practice. To date, only the District of Columbia and 12 other states require pounds and animal shelters to scan microchips in animals (Source: Forbes)

Training Features

Aside from getting your pet’s best insurance, you can monitor your pup's training progress with detailed notes, including the trainer's name and completed training, providing valuable insights into your pet's development. Stay informed and engaged as your furry friend learns and grows with our comprehensive training features.

Get Comprehensive Protection with Happy Tail Puppies

At Happy Tail Puppies, your pet's safety and well-being come first. Our Puppy Protection Program, in partnership with Global Pet Security, offers a secure and seamless system to track your pet's location in case it gets lost and found. Your pet's digital profile also conveniently provides instant access to your pet's information so you can better provide comprehensive care and training for your beloved furry friend.

Get a comprehensive service in one app with the best pet insurance, lost and found tracking, document storage, and training information. At Happy Tail Puppies, we offer a holistic approach to pet care, making us your trusted partner in providing the best possible care and service for your beloved pets. You can reach us anytime to learn more about this service.