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Happytail Puppies is the trusted provider of exceptional puppy training programs in North Carolina. Our certified trainers proudly serve Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and other nearby areas. We are committed to nurturing the next generation of well-behaved canine companions. At Happytail Puppies, we aim to shape your fur babies into confident, obedient, and socially responsible family members. Our certified puppy trainers boast the prestigious qualification of AKC Canine Good Citizen evaluators, assuring you that your furry friend is in the most capable hands. Our trainers use science-based methods that focus on encouraging and rewarding appropriate behaviors. Since 2005, we have guided hundreds of pups toward proper conduct, enabling them to flourish in their new homes. If you’re searching for an effective and loving puppy trainer nearby, Happytail Puppies accompany you on this remarkable journey and we empower your puppy to reach their full potential. We prioritize creating strong bonds and lasting memories for you and your four-legged family member.

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Reaching your training goals has never been easier. Happytail Puppies offers a variety of training programs designed to fit your unique needs with a focus on positive reinforcement, behavioral science, and psychology.

2 Week: Just the Basics 2 - Week Puppy Training - $1995 Our Just the Basics Program is the cornerstone of obedience training at Happytail Puppies, setting the stage for a lifetime of good behavior and harmonious relationships between your family and your furry friend. This program includes a comprehensive two-week trai

2 - Week Puppy Training - $1995

Our Just the Basics Program is the cornerstone of obedience training at Happytail Puppies, setting the stage for a lifetime of good behavior and harmonious relationships between your family and your furry friend. This program includes a comprehensive two-week training designed to give your puppy the fundamental skills and understanding they need to become a well-mannered and responsive companion.

During these two weeks, your puppy will become well-versed in basic obedience commands. Our certified puppy trainers introduce the following essential commands that every puppy should learn, such as:

  • "Sit" (for sitting on their bottom)
  • "Come" or "Here" (for coming to you)
  • "Lay" (for lying down)
  • "Yes" (a verbal cue indicating correct behavior)
  • "No" (a verbal cue marking incorrect behavior).

In addition to the above commands and language training, we also teach name recognition, allowing your puppy to respond to the name of your choice. We also provide crate training, teaching your puppy that the crate is their haven and personal space.

In this puppy training program, we'll introduce your puppy to the harness and leash, laying the foundation for leash manners and enjoyable walks together. Finally, this puppy training class also includes potty training, a crucial aspect of any training program.

We provide a routine tailored to your puppy's specific needs. It is an investment in a future of harmony, understanding, and companionship with your four-legged furry friend. Our team at Happytail Puppies understands that these essential skills provide the bedrock upon which we build customized, tailored programs that meet the unique needs of you and your puppy.


4 - Week Puppy Training - $3995

Our team provides a comprehensive 4-week Pet-tential Unleashed Program, building upon the strong foundation laid by our Just the Basics Program. This more intensive puppy training class is designed to propel your pup to new heights of obedience and independence.

The Pet-tential Unleashed Program is one of our most sought-after puppy training classes, minimizing the work you'll need to do at home and maximizing the skills your puppy will master. Throughout these four weeks, your puppy perfects the fundamental commands mentioned earlier:

  • Sit
  • Come
  • Lay
  • Yes and No

In addition, your pups will learn advanced commands such as "Stay" and "Drop it" to their repertoire. This program instills the characteristics of a well-trained puppy, empowering them to respond to commands with increased independence and poise.

Additional Exercises and Service Dog Training

This program includes essential handling exercises and training to ensure your puppy is comfortable when picked up and handled by family members, groomers, and veterinarians. Your pup will become at ease with having its face, feet, ears, and tail touched and handled, creating a confident and cooperative companion.

1. House Training

These behavior training exercises target behaviors like jumping and nipping, both of which can become problematic as your pup grows. We'll work together to prevent and correct these habits, ensuring your puppy's manners are impeccable.

2. Leash Training

Your puppy is introduced to the harness and leash, beginning to walk on a leash, and familiarizing themselves with wearing a collar.

3. Establishing Consistent Routines

Your entire family will gain valuable insights into establishing routines, from potty training routines to mealtime and bedtime schedules, to maintain consistency and reinforce the training they receive.

6 - Week Puppy Training - $5995

This is one of our most esteemed puppy training classes, designed to elevate your puppy's skills to new heights and exceed your expectations. If you opt for the full six weeks, your puppy will even become eligible for the coveted CGC certification, showcasing their exceptional training achievements.

What is the CGC Certification?

The AKC Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certification by the American Kennel Club (AKC) recognizes well-behaved dogs, acknowledging your pup as an AKC Star Puppy. It's a program testing dog manners and obedience in real-life scenarios, including meeting strangers and leash-walking. Dogs passing the CGC test demonstrate socialization and training, proving they are reliable in various situations, often seen as a sign of a responsible and well-behaved pet.

Fundamental Concepts Covered

In the Superstar Status Program, your pet will learn additional commands:

  • Stay (Stay where you are)
  • Drop it (Drop whatever it is in your mouth)
  • Okay (A release word indicating that a request is over)
  • Leave it (Informs puppy that something is off limits)

House Manners

These routines focus on house manners that target behaviors like jumping, nipping, and unnecessary barking, which can become problematic in adulthood if not addressed during their formative weeks.


8 - Week Puppy Training - $7995

We offer our Top Tier Program as our premier training package. It is an extended eight-week curriculum tailored to provide top-notch support providing comprehensive development. After committing to this program, your puppy becomes eligible for the prestigious CGC certification upon completion.

Advanced Command Training

This Top Tier puppy training program includes all the fundamental commands taught in our other programs, providing a strong foundation for obedience. It also introduces advanced commands such as "Crate" or "Place," signaling your puppy when it's time to go to their crate or bed. This heightened precision ensures your puppy excels in their responsiveness to commands.

Beyond commands, all other training routines, including handling, name recognition, crate training, house manners, leash manners, and play and nap routines, are comprehensively covered in this program. We take an extra step in this program to teach your puppy to become a better communicator, whether it's to notify you when it's time for them to go outside to potty, using cues like sitting and waiting, or even ringing a bell.

The "Top Tier Program" is your pathway to a harmonious and highly trained puppy, equipped with advanced obedience and the emotional support training skills that make them exemplary companions. Enroll your puppy in this comprehensive program to unlock their full potential and provide them with a bright and confident future.

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Get Off on the Right Paw

Just like humans, every puppy learns differently, so our training programs have been designed with that in mind. The first step in the training process is to assess the psychology of your pup in order to create a program that best suits their needs. This unique approach to training will ensure that your puppy comes home with a foundation of skills and manners that will allow you to easily continue training them as they grow.

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