Cavapoo vs. Cockapoo: Which One Is Right for You?

In this blog post, we will delve into the key differences and similarities between cavapoo and cockapoo puppies. We hope we can help you make an informed choice about which lovable and cuddly companion suits you and your family, whether you’re welcoming your first dog or adding them to your family’s pack.

Dogs are a delightful addition to any household. When raised in a healthy environment, a puppy can be a loyal and loving family member. While your home and early training can shape most of your dog’s behaviors later in life, their breed can affect their attitude. This is why choosing the right dog breed is essential before welcoming a new furry friend into your home. 

With their adorable looks and charming personalities, cavapoos and cockapoos have become popular designer dog breeds that win over many families’ hearts. However, there are several differences between these poodle mixes, especially how well they blend into certain households. 

In this blog post, we will delve into the key differences and similarities between cavapoo and cockapoo puppies. We hope we can help you make an informed choice about which lovable and cuddly companion suits you and your family, whether you’re welcoming your first dog or adding them to your family’s pack. 

Cavapoo vs. Cockapoo: What Are They?

Don’t be fooled by how similar these breeds sound; cavapoos and cockapoos are very different mixes. Here’s a general overview of what these dog breeds are.

What is a Cavapoo?

A cavapoo is a mix between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Toy Poodle. They are also known as cavoodles, cavadoodles, or cavipoodles. Cavapoos were initially bred in Australia in the late 1990s to create a small dog with minimal shedding. 

Although popular cavapoos feature brown wavy hair, their mixed breed means there’s no set appearance of what a cavapoo can look like. Cavapoos that look more like their toy poodle parents have curlier hair, while those with more Cavalier traits tend to have floppy ears and straight hair. 

Cavapoos are intelligent, well-behaved, and affectionate. They are very sociable, making them ideal for homes with children, older adults, and other dogs. While their small to medium build makes them suitable for those who live in apartments, they are very active and require lots of playtime or outdoor walks.

What is a Cockapoo?

A cockapoo is a hybrid of an English or American Cocker Spaniel and a poodle. They’re also known as cockapoodles and cockerpoos. One of the oldest designer breeds, they were accidentally bred in the 1950s but have become a popular choice among fur parents. 

Size and appearance can vary depending on their parents. A miniature cockapoo, for instance, results from a Cocker Spaniel and a toy poodle and tends to grow on the smaller end. 

Cockapoos are playful, outgoing, and friendly. Compared to other designer breeds, their most desirable trait is their low-shedding coat and hypoallergenic features. Those with mild allergies to pet fur may find cockapoos more tolerable in their home, but remember that those with severe allergies may continue to experience symptoms.

Similarities of Cavapoos and Cockapoos

Both cavapoos and cockapoos are mixes of a poodle cross-breeding with a spaniel. As a result, they have several similarities:

  • Breeding: Both designer hybrids are bred for the best traits of poodles and spaniels.
  • Size: Comparing a cavapoo vs. cockapoo size and weight are roughly similar between cavapoos and miniature cockapoos. These dogs fall under the small to medium-sized category and can weigh around 10 to 25 pounds.
  • Lifespan: Unlike purebred dogs with a lower life expectancy, mixed-breed dogs like cavapoos and cockapoos have an average lifespan of 12 to 15 years.
  • Temperament: They are both very friendly dog types, making them options for families with young children, older adults, and other dogs. However, they may not be the best option for guard dogs because of their affectionate nature.
  • Grooming: Both hybrids were bred to minimize shedding, making them good options for those looking for hypoallergenic dogs. However, no dog is entirely hypoallergenic, so some shedding and allergy symptoms can occur. Due to their coat, they require regular grooming to prevent matting.
  • Training: Cavapoos and cockapoos are very intelligent dogs, making them easy to train, though they both may need extra patience while they’re still very young. 
  • Cavapoo vs. Cockapoo: Full-Grown Dog Comparison

    These are some typical observations to consider when comparing a cavapoo with a cockapoo. However, some of these differences can vary depending on the kind of environment, genetics, and lifestyle your chosen dog has.




    Cavapoos are more active and are high-activity dogs. They’ll need more walks or a roomy fenced yard to play in. 

    Cockapoos need a regular amount of exercise. A large home, a yard, or stimulating playtime can keep them occupied. 


    An average adult cavapoo is shorter and heavier than a cockapoo. However, they’re roughly the same size as a miniature cockapoo. 

    Weight: 9 to 25 pounds

    Height: 9 to 14 inches

    A mid-sized cockapoo is taller than a cavapoo but tends to weigh less. If you opt for a miniature cockapoo, their sizes are roughly similar.

    Weight: 6 to 19 pounds

    Height: 10 to 15 inches


    Cavapoos have a longer coat that can be wavy or curly. 

    Cockapoos can develop straight, wavy, or curly coats with short to medium lengths.


    Cavapoos are much more high maintenance than cockapoos and require regular brushing. Their coat may also start to smell when it gets too long. 

    Cockapoos have shorter hair that needs regular brushing, though less frequently than dogs like cavapoos with longer coats.  


    Cavapoo puppies tend to have a short attention span, so training can take more time and patience.

    Cockapoos are more adaptable even at a young age. 


    Cavapoos tend to be more affectionate and follow their humans around. However, adult cavapoos are more independent. 

    Cockapoos love socialization but don’t like being left alone for long periods. They’re more likely to develop separation anxiety.  

    Factors To Consider When Choosing Cavapoo vs. Cockapoo

    Now that we’ve established the differences, how can you decide which ones matter to you? Consider these factors about your existing lifestyle before bringing home a dog. 

  • Space at Home: A cavapoo and a miniature cockapoo are roughly the same size. Due to their small to medium size, they can thrive in apartments, condominiums, and smaller living spaces – especially if you take them out on walks and regular trips to the park. However, if you opt for more standard-sized cockapoos, they may be best for homes with yards or empty rooms.

  • Household and Pets: Whether you live alone, with young children, elderly adults, or other pets, cavapoos and cockapoos are suitable pets. They’re adaptable and can adjust their behavior to fit in with their new family.

  • Lifestyle: Both are fairly active dogs that will require activity and stimulation. Cockapoos need a regular amount of walking and playtime. However, keep in mind that getting bigger cockapoos may require more space for them to play at home. Cavapoos, on the other hand, are more active. They’re great if you want a companion for your everyday jogs and can adapt to your lifestyle.

  • Time at Home: A home with almost always someone available to socialize with your dog is ideal for both. However, cockapoos are more likely to develop separation anxiety, so they might not be a good option if you and your household are regularly out.

  • Maintenance: How much time will you spend on your dog’s grooming needs? While both pets have low shedding, cockapoos tend to shed more than cavapoos. This means spending more time every week brushing your cavapoo to brush out loose hair. On the other hand, cavapoos may be prone to smells if their coats are too long. 

  • Both cockapoos and cavapoos are suitable hybrids for most households. Their versatile nature makes them adaptable to your existing home environment. However, they will require training and regular attention for grooming, exercise, and socialization. 

    Cockapoos are the better option if you’re looking for a more low-maintenance dog. Their shorter coat means easier grooming, while their exercise needs are similar to most house dogs. However, their playful and affectionate nature may make them dependent on others, so they’ll always look for someone to play with. 

    Cavapoos, on the other hand, are ideal for those on the go. Their relatively smaller size suits those with limited space, such as small apartments and condominiums. Younger cavapoos may require your patience at first, but when trained properly, they can grow into independent and intelligent members of your household that’s full of energy. They don’t mind being left to their own devices, so those who have to be out and about all day won’t have to worry about their dog being left alone. 

    Find Your Furry Best Friend at Happytail Puppies

    At Happytail Puppies, we understand the challenge of narrowing down your options when finding a new puppy. Choosing between a cavapoo and a cockapoo ultimately comes down to personal preference. If you live with others, the decision may also come down to your family's specific needs. Both breeds have unique characteristics and qualities that make them excellent companions. 

    However, to ensure a perfect match between your puppy’s needs and your lifestyle, it is crucial to consider factors such as size, temperament, exercise needs, and grooming requirements before you bring anyone home. Regardless of which one you choose, both hybrids have the potential to bring joy and love to your household as your new family member. 

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