Cavapoo vs. Maltipoo: Factors to Consider While Making a Choice

Cavapoo vs. Maltipoo: Factors to Consider While Making a Choice
Choosing between a Cavapoo and a Maltipoo can be challenging. Both are adorable and affectionate, but they have distinct traits. Cavapoos, a mix of Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, are known for their friendly and social nature. Maltipoos, a cross between Maltese and Poodle, are energetic and playful. This article explores their temperaments, grooming needs, and health considerations to help you decide which breed is the perfect fit for your family.

If you are keen on bringing or adopting a furry friend who is friendly, small, and fun-loving and has less scope to set off your allergies, then both the Cavapoo and the Maltipoo form the best bet. These are extremely adorable hybrid breeds with both Miniature and Toy Poodles in their blood. However, a Cavapoo is a mix of a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Poodle. At the same time, the Maltipoo is a mix of Maltese and Poodle. Both breeds come with their differences and similarities. If you need clarification about which one will suit best for your family, then our guide will help you decide the same.

Overview of Cavapoo

The Cavapoo comes from the mix between a Miniature Poodle and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. The breeds appear the best and almost identical to Cavalier with the fur textures and a bit of the bigger size of Poodle. They are extremely smart with a keen sense of hearing, making them best for living in houses or apartments.

Being a hybrid breed, Cavapoos' fur often varies between the silky texture of a Spaniel and the fluffiness of a Poodle. Both breeds are extremely intelligent, and therefore, training is a must for well-behaved Cavapoos. Stay aware of their smaller sizes, as they are smart and need proper training to avoid serious behavioral issues that can lead to destructive habits.

Overview of Maltipoo

The Maltipoo, however, results from the Miniature Poodle and the Maltese breeds of dog. This canine also has been on the market for a while but is popular now if the right breeder is identified. Responsible breeding always comes first for healthy parents, so acceptable dogs are matched for the breeding process. Otherwise, there are cases of painful birth, most of which are skills to cause the mother pain because of the size difference in the couple.

Maltipoos are a beautiful, very small breed of dog, again with similarities to the Cavapoo in their coatings, but generally slightly smaller in size and not in a range of colors. They look like Maltese, but they have poodle-curved hair and longer body structures. Some of the physical characteristics that define a Maltipoo are its minute size and height. These are intelligent dogs and very fit for a small dog and appropriate for a family that will be able to spend quality time with their pet and train them.

Cavapoo Vs Maltipoo : Comparing Key Characteristics

Let us first have a glance at the key characteristics of Cavapoo breed:-

 Average height (adult): 9–14 inches
Average weight (adult): 9–25 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Exercise: 1 to 2 hours a day
Grooming needs: Moderate
Family-friendly: Yes
Other pet-friendly: Yes
Trainability: People pleasers and easy to train

Now let's have a look at the key characteristics of Maltipoo breed:-

 Average height (adult): 8–14 inches
Average weight (adult): 5–20 pounds
Lifespan: 10–15 years
Exercise: 1 hour a day
Grooming needs: Low to moderate
Family-friendly: Yes
Other pet-friendly: Yes
Trainability: Highly intelligent and easy to train

Cavapoo Vs Maltipoo : Pros & Cons

Here are some quick Pros and Cons of Cavapoo and Maltipoo breeds:-

Cavapoo Pros

  1. Nearly hypoallergenic
  2. Shed very little
  3. Have hair instead of fur
  4. Great for apartments
  5. Friendly and outgoing
  6. Need low levels of activity (great for seniors)
  7. Have a long lifespan

    Cavapoo Cons

    1. Suffer from separation anxiety
    2. Expensive
    3. They bark, sometimes excessively
    4. Potty training can be difficult if not done early
    5. Prone to obesity

      Maltipoo Pros

      1. Affectionate
      2. Shed very little
      3. Excellent choice for first-time dog owners
      4. Sociable and outgoing
      5. Intelligent and a breeze to train
      6. Stable temperament
      7. Few health issues

        Maltipoo Cons

        1. Prone to allergic reactions due to the heritage attained from Cavalier King Charles Spaniel 
        2. Suffer from separation anxiety.
        3. Issues with grooming when not done regularly
        4. They bark too much
        5. Very friendly and not great watchdogs

        Cavapoo Vs. Maltipoo Designer Dogs

          Cavapoo Vs. Maltipoo Designer Dogs

          To those comparing Cavapoo and the Maltipoo, it is important to know their distinctions. While the children are equally adorable, and the dogs could equally be man’s best friend, they are both distinct in their characteristics. Another breed that is the outcome of cross-breeding is the Cavapoo, which comes from the breeding Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Poodle, which is a very friendly breed. On the other hand, the Maltipoo breed, which is a Maltese and Poodle breed, is known to be active and goofy. From the lifestyle of your pets ranging from grooming needs to temperament, this should assist in your decision as to which breed suits your style.

          Personality / Character

          Cavapoo: Similar to the Maltipoo, the Cavapoo is friendly, alert, lovable and social as well as pleasant and will prove the ideal pet for many a household. Cavapoos are affectionate dogs that should be around kids and adults in a family and do not like to be alone. They also get along very well with other animals and do not have an issue with other family members, neighbors, or strangers dropping in for a ‘hello.’ Cavapoos are also good with small children, though it should be noted that they are small dogs and, unfortunately, cannot handle any roughhousing.

          Maltipoo: The Maltipoo has the luxury of being able to benefit from genes from two very friendly dog breeds: the Maltese and Poodle. For instance, similar to both breeds, Maltipoos are smart dogs that will amaze you with almost everything that they are capable of doing. They are docile, love expressing affection, and prefer to be with the adopted family all the time, doing everything to make them happy. They are also fairly playful, although not very, and they easily get exhausted. Due to this, the terriers are ideal for single people, those who have never kept pets before, and elderly individuals.


          Cavapoo: Although they’re not as easy to train as a Maltipoo if you have trained dogs in the past, the Cavapoo should be a breeze to train. These are highly intelligent dogs that will learn new skills quickly and easily, though they do have the potential to be a bit stubborn and mouthy. They also have a moderately high prey drive and tend to run off after small animals if given the opportunity. Therefore, it is important to follow the tips and tricks in the training guide for cavapoo puppies.

          Maltipoo: Thanks to their intelligence, Maltipoos are easy to train and learn new tricks and skills quickly. One minor concern, however, is that you need to potty train them early and repetitively so you don’t have potty problems in the future. Once a Maltipoo gets to a certain age, potty training becomes much more difficult. One other difficulty you might have with your Maltipoo is training them to refrain from barking excessively, which they unfortunately do. You should note that even with training, your Maltipoo will bark a lot, which could cause stress or other problems, depending on your living situation.

          Cavapoo Puppy

          Grooming Needs of Cavapoo and Maltipoo

          Cavapoo: If you’re looking for a breed that doesn’t require much grooming, the Cavapoo is a great choice. They shed minimally, drool very little, and are relatively easy to groom. They don’t need a lot of brushing and will be okay with bi-monthly trips to the groomer of your choice. Cavapoo experts recommend keeping your Cavapoo’s hair cut short, which will make grooming even easier and reduce the “dog smell” sometimes associated with the breed.

          Maltipoo: One area where the breeds excel is their minimal Maltipoo grooming. Maltipoos shed very little because they have hair, not fur. Because of this, they’re almost 100% hypoallergenic and are a great choice for people who suffer from allergies. Plus, you won’t have to brush your Maltipoo every day, and a grooming session once every 2 months will suffice.


          Cavapoo: For people who live in an apartment or a small house, the reality that a new dog may not be able to deal with can be quite concerning, yet it is not something you have to think about with a Cavapoo. They are friendly and perfect for apartment living. Their sensitivity level is moderate to low. They also can adapt to loneliness very well, though some of the Cavapoos may develop a problem with separation. Regarding cold weather, these Cavapoos generally do not have major issues, but just like with any other breed, hot climates can be problematic for them.

          Maltipoo: As for the trainability, Maltipoos have several benefits and, indeed, one or two drawbacks. The advantages are that Maltipoos do well when it comes to apartment living. All that makes them ideal for beginners looking forward to adopting a dog or a senior person who cannot move much. But of course, they can't be left alone, need a warm climate as they do not have thick fur, and Maltipoos suffer from separation anxiety. Actually, they are not very comfortable in hot climate conditions also the same way they are uncomfortable in cold climate conditions.


          Cavapoo: The Cavapoo is one of the sweetest dogs you might ever meet; the Cavapoo is friendly with everyone, including strangers. Contrary to other breeds, Cavapoos do not single out a specific person and are friendly with other animals, unknown people and kids, neighbors, and any strange dog or cat. The only limitation is you have to watch your children whenever they are playing with Cavapoos because, though these are small dogs, they can be injured by any forceful actions.

          Maltipoo: One cannot underestimate the level of friendliness that a Maltipoo possesses, with few breeds being as loving as this one. Once they get used to your family, they begin to show affection and want to be with you all day. They are child-friendly, and it can take some slight roughness, though you are dealing with a small and somewhat delicate breed of dog. Maltipoos are also friendly with other dogs and strangers and do not have the protective problems most small-breed dogs have.

          Health Issues

          Cavapoo: Like most hybrids, Cavapoos have several health problems they have to deal with. But most of them are curable diseases, which are not fatal in most cases. The common health concern that Cavapoos might get is the luxating patella, which can lead to their difficulty in walking. The same can also be said for hip dysplasia, and they can also get a disease that has to do with their heart; this is mitral valve disease. Epilepsy is known to be assumed by Cavapoos, and the eye problems that may affect them include progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts, and glaucoma.

          Maltipoo: Maltipoo averages live between 12-15 years and this is a good number of years for a dog. Despite the fact the majority of pregnant and nursing dogs have one or another health problem, most of them are non-dangerous and can be cured with the help of a veterinarian. That includes patellar luxation whereby the kneecap, femur, and tibia get out of line either in the left leg or the right leg. They can also have what is termed as shaker syndrome, which will make their little body and heads shake continuously. Another issue that Maltipoos may develop is epilepsy, which is mainly expressed through seizures.

          Teacup Toy Maltipoo

          Best For

          Cavapoo: If you have a young family with children who are all over six years old, this breed will be perfect for your family. They are excellent and adorable for family use since they are good with everyone. A Cavapoo is also suitable for bachelors or couples who are young or stay in an apartment, as this breed is small and does not have any issues staying in an apartment.

          Maltipoo: They are suitable for families, newlyweds, and seniors, though families with kids under 6 should be careful how they bond with the new addition to the family, the Maltipoo puppy dog. Maltipoos would equally do well in apartments and are ideal for families with allergic pet parents.

          Which Breed Is Right for You?

          Selecting between Maltipoo vs Cavapoo is going to be difficult because these both are cute, friendly, active, intelligent dogs that are good family pets and companions. The areas that could stem the difference when it comes to time are mostly the coat and the shedding that is present in a Cavapoo and the allergy issues that are few in a Maltipoo since they come from Poodle and Maltese lineage. In conclusion, therefore, both the Cavapoo and Maltipoo, can be great companion animals, buddies, and loving cuddle partners.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          Here are a couple of questions you might have in mind and we have it answered for you.

          1) Which Is Better, Maltipoo or Cockapoo?

          Cockapoos and Maltipoos are friendly dogs that are perfect family dogs; therefore, the comparison is valid. They are friendly, excellent for obedience projects, and suitable for handling Kids. Maltipoos also come in a smaller size and thus are the better option for anyone planning to have a small dog. Cockapoos are a better breed if you are after a dog with more energy.

          2) Are Cavapoos and Maltipoos Good for People with Allergies?

          Yes, Cavapoos and Maltipoos usually have hypoallergenic coats. Therefore, you can safely get one if you are an allergy patient. Their low levels of shedding and dander also make them suitable for those with Allergic reactions.

          3) What Kind of Temperament Do Cavapoos and Maltipoos Have?

          Cavapoos’ temperaments are friendly and reported to be affectionate, easy-going dogs. A high level of energy characterizes Maltipoos, and they love stunning and other activities. They also get attached to their masters.

          4) How Much Exercise Do Cavapoos and Maltipoos Require?

          Cavapoos need to be taken out for a walk or some playtime daily and they need regular exercises to keep them healthy mentally as well as physically. Maltipoos are also playful dogs that need to be taken out for a run so that they can exhaust their energy, and health is also good.

          5) What Are the Typical Health Concerns for Cavapoos and Maltipoos?

          Most of them are healthy, but there are certain problems that Cavapoos are likely to get as inherited from their Cavalier King Charles Spaniel parents, which include heart problems. At the same time, Maltipoos are likely to acquire dental problems if not well taken care of. These worries, nevertheless, can be eased with proper vet examinations and the correct nutrition of the pet.