Grooming Your Miniature Maltipoo Puppy at Home: Expert Tips and Tricks

grooming miniature maltipoo puppy at home
Grooming your Miniature Maltipoo puppy at home can be a rewarding experience that strengthens your bond and ensures your pup stays healthy and looking adorable.

For people who like cute, small dogs, the Maltipoo is a lovely designer breed with Maltese and Poodle parents. As a result, their coats are either like a Maltese or a Poodle, but the grooming process is almost similar in both cases. 

If you have a pet Miniature Maltipoo Puppy, then you’ll have to brush its coat daily, clean his teeth, ears, eyes, and nails regularly, and give it a bath monthly. Most Maltipoo owners prefer taking their pet dog to professional groomers for bathing and haircuts. However, you can do it at home as well, and further, we’ll guide you on how to groom a Maltipoo puppy yourself.

Tips & Tricks for Maltipoo Grooming at Home

Visiting the pet groomer every now and then is fine, but you are likely to pay hefty bills if you take your dog to the groomers every week or multiple days weekly. It’s quite easy to groom your Maltipoo puppy at home, and anyone can do it. 

Use the right type of brush on your dog’s coat daily, starting from its feet and moving up slowly. Use a wet cloth to wipe its eyes twice everyday, and make sure to bathe it once or twice every month.

Brush the Dog Daily With the Right Type of Brush

Use a slicker brush if your Maltipoo has a Poodle-like coat, and use a bristle-and-pin brush if it has a Maltese-like coat. Try to brush your dog after its walk, or any other time when it’s calm and content. When you brush your dog at a fixed time daily, it will pick it up as a routine. 

The more curly and thick the coat of your Maltipoo is, the more it is vulnerable to matting and tangles. Make sure to avoid this by brushing your dog daily, in the correct manner.

Start Brushing the Feet & Move Your Way Up

Divide the entire coat of your miniature Maltipoo puppy in different sections, and focus on one section at a time while brushing it. Start brushing at the feet and then move on to the legs, face, sides, belly, back, and the sanitary area of your dog. 

Try following the same pattern every time you brush your dog so it picks it up as part of its daily routine. Also, Maltipoos do not have undercoats which allows you to brush every section from the root to the tip. Make sure to be gentle around matting or tangles so that you don’t hurt your puppy. 

Clean Under-Eye Tear Stains Twice Daily

Maltipoos quickly develop tear stains beneath their eyes and you should wipe it with a wet cloth at least twice every day. You can even consider using dilute hydrogen peroxide or commercial tear stain remover for this. Make sure to consult a vet before using any products on your dog, and you can even change its diet to minimize tear stains under its eyes. 

Brush Its Teeth, Clean Its Ears & Clip Its Nails

Maltipoo grooming also includes brushing its teeth, and you should get a soft dog toothbrush along with a nice dog toothpaste flavor. Lift up its lips to clean rear teeth and make sure to brush in small, circular motions for best results. 

Do not use your human toothpaste as your dog won’t like its taste, and it can even make it sick. Wrap a damp cotton gauze around your finger and use it to clean the wax buildup, dirt, and discharge in your dog’s ears. Also, don’t miss clipping your puppy’s nails at least once or twice per month. 

Give it a Bath At Least Once Every Month

Many dogs hate bathing but it’s important to keep them clean and cool, especially in hot regions. Use lukewarm water and massage dog shampoo gently on your dog’s coat. 

Use rinse water to clean your puppy and repeat this process one more time using a conditioner. Right after taking your dog out of the bath, wrap it in a warm towel to dry it off. 

maltipoo puppy simple haircut

Give Your Miniature Maltipoo Puppy a Simple Haircut

To make your dog look cuter than ever, consider giving it a funky haircut as Maltipoo grooming is incomplete without it. Use a trimmer and curved shears to clip in between its eyes, and ensure to set the clipper to your preferred length. 

Be careful while trimming near its sanitary areas, and use the clippers to blend its top of the head with its back. To round off your Maltipoo’s haircut, use curved shears to shape its ears, face sides, and chin.


No doubt that it’s really convenient to take your dog to professional groomers, but you can build a better bond with your puppy if you do it yourself. Keeping your Maltipoo puppy clean will make him more attractive than before, and ensure that he stays healthy. 

We shared some top tips you can follow to groom your dog at home. If you want a cute, designer breed, then you must search Miniature Maltipoo Puppies for sale. They’ll be the perfect addition to your family, filling your lives with joy and happiness.