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Training Packages

Training Package Options

2 Week Pre-School Training Package $1495

This program teaches your puppy the foundations he will need to learn basic obedience skills. Puppies going home after this training will still require fairly constant reinforcement and training in order to solidify their knowledge of the commands & behaviors. This two-week training lays an extremely strong foundation from which the owner can build upon.

4 Week Primary-School Training Package $2995

This one-month program offers a longer, more intensive training regimen and is likely what you have in mind when you hear the phrase “trained puppy”. Here the puppies will begin to elicit trained behaviors on their own, based on trainer and environmental cues. They will not require the constant guidance needed in foundations. Here, we will hone your pup’s skills and increase his/her reliability.

6 Week Advanced Primary-School Training Package $4495

This 6 week program offers an even longer, more intensive training regimen that will further reinforce the commands and behaviors they are learning. In addition to a longer term of reinforcement, your new pup will master commands, crate training and become more comfortable with reinforcement transitioning from crate playpen to outside area for potty training.

8 Week Grad-School Training Package $5995

This 8 week Premier Training is the final touch on your puppy’s obedience and reinforcement training. Through this program, reinforcement and habits are at their optimal performance level in your puppy and ensures that as long as you remain their “master”, what they are learning will stay with them throughout their life.