8 - Week Training - $7995

The eight week training program is our top tier training. With the eight week program you are eligible for the CGC certification. This program is also the most sought after for emotional support training for your new puppy. With eight weeks of training, you leave all of the puppyhood hassles. This program allows for the least amount of work you will be needing to do at home with your new puppy.  

Commands Introduced: 

  • “Sit” - Sit On Your Bottom 
  • “Come” or “Here” - Come To Me 
  • Lay - Lay Down
  • Yes - That Is The Correct Behavior I Am Looking For 
  • No - This Is Incorrect Behavior 
  • Stay - Stay where you are 
  • Drop it - Drop anything they decide to put into their mouth 
  • Okay - Release word so that they know the training session or request is over
  • Leave it - Informs the puppy they are near or into something off limits. 


Name Recognition: 

  • You can inform your trainer of the new name you have chosen for your puppy 
  • Will come when called by name 


  • Allows the puppy to feel comfortable when being picked up and handled by family members, Groomers, and Veterinarians 
  • The puppy will be comfortable with their faces, feet, ears, and tail to be touched and handled
  • The puppy will not react if pulled or tugged on - especially by a young child. 


Crate Training: 

  • Teaches you puppy that the crate is a safe place and their personal home 
  • Your puppy not cry or bark while in the crate. 
  • Your puppy will not potty in their crate. 
  • Our trainers use our Poo Palace system and Play Pens.


House Manners: 

  • No jumping - Puppies will try to jump on you for attention which later in adulthood is no longer as cute! We will work to prevent and correct this habit. 
  • No nipping - puppies are teething so they love to use their mouths to communicate! This can form a bad habit and the four week program will work to prevent it. 
  • No Barking - Puppy will be taught to minimize any playful barks or being yappy within your home. 
  • Your new puppy will also learn to sit on their bottom for attention and affection. 


Leash Manners: 

  • Introducing your puppy to the harness and leash 
  • Begin starting to walk on a leash 
  • Familiarizes your puppy to wear a collar 
  • Walking with you while on the leash 
  • Learn to wait and sit when you stop walking
  • No tugging or pulling on the leash. They will learn to walk beside you and not in front of you. 
  • Beginning working off leash with commands. 
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Establishing Routines: 

Our trainers will begin a routine that they will use daily during the length of the training program. This includes:

  • Potty training routine
  • Meal time routine 
  • Bedtime routine 
  • Play and training routines 
  • Nap routines


Potty Training: 

Our trainers will begin the lengthy process of correcting your puppy from potty within your house on the floors, within the crate, or furniture. Our trainers can work with either potty pad training and/or outside training. Please advise your trainer of your preference. With the eight week program, your puppy’s chances of going home and still having an occasional accident is minimized. Your puppy will also be taught to hold their potty until it is time to go outside. We begin imprinting on your puppy to learn to become a better communicator to notify you when it is time for them to go out and potty. This may be done with sitting and waiting or ringing a bell. Please notify your trainer if ringing a bell is something you would be interested in. 

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