Cockapoo vs Mini Goldendoodle: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Your Perfect Doodle

Cockapoo Vs Mini Goldendoodle
Choosing between a Cockapoo and a Mini Goldendoodle can be tough, as both are lovable and intelligent breeds. Cockapoos, a mix of Cocker Spaniel and Poodle, are playful and affectionate, thriving in family settings. Mini Goldendoodles, a cross between Golden Retriever and Miniature Poodle, are friendly and social with a wavy or curly coat. Both are generally hypoallergenic, making them great pets for those with allergies. Your choice depends on your lifestyle and preferences.

The Cockapoo and mini goldendoodle are two hybrids formed by combining a Poodle with another breed. The Cockapoo's parent is a Cocker Spaniel, while the mini goldendoodle combines a mini Poodle with a golden retriever. Since both mixes share a Poodle parent, they have a few similarities. They are both more hypoallergenic than most dogs and are considered intelligent breeds.

But, it comes with a few of the other differences. Irrespective of crossing the Miniature Poodle, the Mini-Goldendoodle is bigger compared to the Cockapoo. Let us now discuss these popular designer dog breeds, including the difference between Cockapoo and Mini Goldendoodle, as well as the similarities to help you determine the perfect breed for your home.

About Cockapoo

Cockapoos are often the charismatic little doodle dogs exuding joy while enchanting everyone they are meeting. Identified as the first designer doodles, Cockapoos has laid out the way into its creation of over 35 doodle breeds. They were initially bred at the onset of the 1960s and are the crossbreed between a Miniature or Toy Poodle and a Cocker Spaniel.

Cockapoos have attained huge recognition since their debutant days and are considered one of the best dog breeds of 2021. The UK holds Cockapoos as their favorite dog, alongside the New Yorkers, who termed Cockapoos as their favorite dogs of 2020. The gorgeous Cockapoo is also referred to as a Cockapoodle, Cockerpoo, or Cocker Poodle Mix.

About Mini Goldendoodle

As suggested by their name, Mini Goldendoodles are the designer-mixed doodle breeds of a Miniature Poodle and a Golden Retriever. They were designed as hypoallergenic guide dogs back in 1969, whereas Mini Goldendoodle holds the real fact due to the aim of this day counting themselves as one of the highly prominent dog breeds known globally.

They are no less perfect, although they are the Mini versions of their Standard Goldendoodle cousins. The Mini Goldendoodles and the Standard Goldendoodles get trained as guide dogs therapy or assistance dogs, as they are extremely attentive and dedicated to their owners. The Mini Goldendoodle breed is known as Mini Grooodle, Mini Goldiepoo, and Mini Goldenpoo.

Key Characteristics

Let's explore the key features of both the breeds.


Average height (adult): 6–18 inches
 Average weight (adult):  6–20 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Exercise: 1+ hours a day
Grooming needs: Easy/Moderate
Family-friendly: Yes
Other pet-friendly: Often
Trainability: Trainable

Mini Goldendoodle

Average height (adult): 12–20 inches
 Average weight (adult): 15–35 pounds
Lifespan: 12–15 years
Exercise: 45+ minutes a day
Grooming needs: Easy/Moderate
Family-friendly: Yes
Other pet-friendly: Often
Trainability:  Trainable

Cockapoo Pros/Cons


  1. Hypoallergenic coat
  2. Sweet-natured dog
  3. Intelligent breed that is easily trained


    1. Can suffer separation anxiety

      Mini Goldendoodle Pros/Cons


      1. Hypoallergenic coat
      2. Needs moderate exercise
      3. Easy to train and suitable for novice owners


        1. Can suffer separation anxiety

        Cockapoo Vs Mini Goldendoodle

        Cockapoo Vs. Mini Goldendoodle


        Cockapoo: Like the Goldendoodle, the Cockapoo comes in numerous sizes, depending on the size of the Poodle used in creating the line. The teacup is the smallest, weighing less than 6 pounds, while the toy weighs around 10 pounds. The Miniatures weigh about 18 pounds, and the standards weigh 20 pounds or more. Typically, the character of the Cockapoo is identical irrespective of its size, although the care and exercise needs vary.

        Mini Goldendoodle: The mini goldendoodle is one of the numerous sizes of Goldendoodle determined by the size of the Poodle parent. Miniatures weigh around 35 pounds, small goldendoodles weigh about 50 pounds, and standards weigh about 90 pounds. The coat is generally golden to match that of the golden retriever parent; however, it often becomes white, cream, apricot, and numerous other colors.


        Cockapoo: The popularity of the Cockapoo breed is due to its character. They are intelligent like the Poodle and have the sweet and loving nature of the Cocker Spaniel. They are extremely energetic, but they also enjoy cuddling up on the sofa or even in bed.

        Mini Goldendoodle: The Mini Goldendoodle is yet another cheerful character that combines the intelligence of a Poodle with the Golden Retriever's loyalty and eagerness. They would often perform the best like the service dogs while making loyal and loving family dogs. Mini Goldendoodles dwell well along with the family members, strangers, and visitors as they befriend other dogs and cats. But, they suffer from separation anxiety whenever they get left alone for a longer time.


        Cockapoo: Cockers are often shy around strangers, and Poodles become aloof, so early socialization is extremely essential. Socialization will introduce the dog to different groups of individuals and new situations, as it will become less nervous whenever it encounters something new, so ensure to check out the best dog travel tips when you plan for a trip on the road with them. The Poodle's intelligence indicates that you should find training them easy, as you can teach your puppy several tricks and commands.

        Mini Goldendoodle: Socialization is the key to every breed; however, the Goldendoodle comes from confident and friendly stock in the shape of a golden retriever. The intelligence of a Poodle and the willingness of a golden retriever to please can make training them easier. The Goldendoodle is used as therapy or a service dog, forming a testament to its sympathetic and intelligent nature.


        Cockapoo: Since Cockapoos are healthier pups, there are a few illnesses and conditions that you should watch out for. They are often prone to cataracts and allergies, along with hip dysplasia, as it becomes a painful condition that would eventually lead to arthritis. Also, ensure to know ways to preventing hypoglycemia in puppies, which they are often prone to. The floppy ears of Cocker Spaniels are prone to infections; however, you can inspect and clean them whenever you are grooming the pup.

        Mini Goldendoodle: Although they are typically hardy and healthier dogs, Goldendoodles are often prone to a few illnesses and health conditions. They are prone to hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, bloating, and hypothyroidism. Similar to the Cockapoo, the Goldendoodle is also prone to allergies.


        Cockapoo: The hypoallergenic coat of Cockapoo is the other reason behind their fame. It never indicates that it does not cause any allergic reactions; however, the low-shedding nature of the coat means that allergy sufferers should endure fewer allergic reactions whenever they get around heavy-shedding dogs. The coats require regular brushing; however, you can get the coat trimmed to 3 inches or more as it is not required. Also, brush their teeth about three times each week and trim their nails whenever they become long, as you can hear them on the hard floor.

        Mini Goldendoodle Puppy

        Mini Goldendoodle: The Goldendoodle inherits the traits from one of the heaviest-shedding breeds, the golden retriever, and one of the lowest-shedding breeds, the Poodle. You can end up with one end of the shedding scale or the other; however, your doodle would land anywhere in the middle. The coat needs to be brushed daily, and if you are unable to trim their hair, then you can take them to the groomer.

        Best For

        Cockapoo: The Cockapoo will get along well with people of all ages and mostly the animals making them well-suited for several owners. They are the perfect ones for first-time owners; however, you should brush their coats regularly, ensuring that they get exercise to stay healthy and trim.

        Mini Goldendoodle: The Mini Goldendoodle is a friendly and cheerful mix of Golden Retriever and Poodle that can be trained as a therapy or support dog. It is the best pet for owners of different ages and experience levels.

        Which Breed Is Right for You?

        The Cockapoo and Mini Goldendoodle are the two prominent hybrid dogs that include their Poodle parentage. The Poodle is a friendly and intelligent breed that is level-headed and unafraid of training or hardworking. 

        The Goldendoodle combines this with the friendly and eager Golden Retriever. In contrast, the Cockapoo, which is a hybrid that existed now for 60 years, combines the Poodle with the energetic Cocker Spaniel. The parents love water, so you should expect the hybrids to enjoy spending time in pools, lakes, puddles, and rivers. Cockapoos and Goldendoodles are extremely friendly, and they get along with the other pets well.

        Frequently Asked Questions

        Here are a couple of questions you might have in mind and we have it answered for you.

        Which Is Better, Cockapoo or Mini Goldendoodle?

        Both of the breeds are gorgeous, unique, and eager to please. If you are seeking a smaller dog, then the Cockapoo is the ideal choice for you. But if you are in search of a medium-sized dog, then you should choose the Goldendoodle breed.

        Which Doodle Is the Best Dog?

        The Goldendoodle is a cross between the Poodle and the golden retriever and is the most prominent Doodle breed. It is also called the golden child.

        Mini Goldendoodle or Cockapoo: Who Barks More? 

        The tendencies of each breed vary; however, Cockapoos are more vocal due to their alertness to the Cocker Spaniel lineage. However, this would greatly vary depending on the individual's training and temperament.

        Should I Get a Mini Goldendoodle or a Cockapoo? 

        The decision relies on your personal choices, living conditions, and the specific traits you value in terms of companionship. They are good and affectionate with families; however, their grooming and size needs would differ.

        Which Is Calmer, a Mini Goldendoodle or a Cockapoo? 

        Both of the breeds are calm whenever their exercise needs are met. But, the Cockapoo would show signs of a laid-back nature due to its Cocker Spaniel lineage.


        Both of the crossbreeds are smaller, so they can live comfortably in compact apartments, but you have to ensure that they get sufficient training and exercise on a ranch or farm with space to roam. If you are in search of the right training guide, then we can help. At Happytail Puppies, we offer effective training guides for puppies for sale. Check out our breeding platform for more information!