Styling Your Maltese: A Comprehensive Guide to the Best Haircuts

Adore the full potential of your Maltese's adorable appearance with our comprehensive guide to grooming and styling. From classic cuts to trendy trims, learn expert techniques and tips to keep your furry friend looking their best effortlessly.

Featured in 20 Most Popular Toy Dog Breeds, Maltese dogs are the complete package as they are little, but still have a sparkling, lovely personality. This affectionate and adorable dog is immensely beautiful thanks to its long and straight silky coat. This eager and active breed has unique hair resembling that of humans. Instead of fur, this dog has single-coated hair which sheds very less, and requires regular grooming and cleaning.

If you don’t maintain and brush their hair regularly, their coat will start tangling and matting. To keep their beautiful, long coats in a good condition, you’ll have to take extra care and attention. If you have pet Maltese puppies, then you’ll require several supplies and tools for performing different tasks related to their grooming. Most owners love to give a cute and unique look to their dogs, and this post features the best hairstyles for Maltese dogs. 

Maltese Dogs - What Type of Coat Do They Have?

This dog breed is really sweet and Teacup Toy Maltese dogs are even smaller than the normal ones. Their coat is different to other common breeds as they don’t have an undercoat or fur, instead they have hair which shed low and can grow very long. As this hair is extra fine, they are highly prone to knotting and matting. 

If you want to avoid your dog’s hair from getting into knots, you’ll have to brush and clean its hair regularly. They tend to shed lower than other breeds but their coats can fall out. Still, the growth cycle of their long hair coat is quite long, so their coat falls out very less. Also, dead hair gets trapped within their coat and only falls out when you brush your dog. 

Some Maltese dogs have a curly coat, some have a cottony, soft coat, and some have a traditional straight and silky coat. You’ll even find dogs with mixed coats at the front and the back. Depending on your Maltese dog’s coat, your process of grooming and cutting its hair will vary.

teacup toy maltese

A Guide to the Best Haircuts for Maltese Puppies & Dogs

You want to style your pup in a unique manner but don’t know what to do? Don’t worry as we have come up with a list of the best haircuts for Maltese dogs. You can go for any one out of these.

Standard/Show Cut

If you are fine with a high-maintenance cut that requires regular attention, then this show cut will be the perfect hairstyle for your Maltese dog. Traditionally, the dog’s coat must touch the floor in this style, and the face has long fur as well. 

Some people even tie their dog’s hair in a single or double knot at the top of its head. No doubt, this hairstyle is wonderful and will make your dog extra cute, but it requires a lot of brushing, bathing, and grooming. Make sure to take care of your dog’s coat from debris and tangles and it will be able to pull this hairstyle off perfectly.

Teddy Bear Cut

Most people find teddy bears adorable and cute, and Maltese puppies look absolutely gorgeous in this hairstyle. Get some dog clippers and use them to cut the hair on your dog’s side and back to almost 0.25 inches long.Everywhere else, keep the fur around 0.5 inches long. 

After you cut your dog’s hair to this length, the next step will be the most important one. Trim the hair around your dog’s face in a way that it gives a round shape. After you are done, its face will start looking like a teddy bear. Remember to leave some extra fun near the top of his head so you can tie a cheeky knot. 

Puppy Clip

There are many dog breeds that pull off the puppy clip style, looking gorgeous, and the same goes for a Maltese. In this hairstyle, the hair on the body, ears, tail, face, and everywhere else, is cut to the same length, ranging from 0.25 to 1 inch. As compared to other styles that feature really long hair, the puppy clip is easier to maintain and look after.

Being easy-to-maintain doesn’t compromise with style as Maltese dogs look super adorable in this cut. Also, you don’t have to follow any strict guidelines, and can keep the length of the hair as much as you want. You can experiment with different lengths and can add a top knot if you want.

Short Cut

The name of this cut is simple, but still, you should let a professional groomer do it as it involves some difficult techniques. Someone who hasn’t done it before will find it hard to pull this hairstyle off. First the hair across the torso is trimmed with a hair length of 1/4 inches around the back and sides. Hair on the neck, chest, bottom, and stomach are cut even more shorter to almost 1/16 inches. 

The hair on the legs is cut to around 1/2 inches and a bobby, round shape is given to the dog’s head. This complicated style looks elegant on a dog and keeps it cool during warm, sunny days. If you are a owner of a Teacup Toy Maltese dog, then the short cut is one you must try. 

Bob Cut

As the name suggests, this style is really similar to the human bob cut and gives a gorgeous look to your Maltese dog. The hair on the body of your dog is trimmed quite short, while the hair on its tail and ears stay long. It looks as unique on a puppy as it might be sounding to you right now. 

Another great thing about this hairstyle is that it’s really easy and straightforward to maintain. With some regular brushing and cleaning, you can maintain this cut for your dog, ensuring it looks handsome.

Lion Cut

In this style, the hair on the sides and back of the dog are kept very short, even entirely shaved in some cases. The hair on the legs, chest, and head of the dog are also trimmed, but are more than on the back and sides. 

Overall, this cut will resemble the mane of a lion, and that is where it got its name from. Your Maltese dog will get a majestic and royal look with this cut. Some people also call it the Maltese Lion Dog Cut.

teacup toy maltese puppy

Getting Your Maltese Puppies or Dogs Ready for a Haircut

Sometimes, dogs don’t enjoy getting their haircut, and may start acting annoyed and reckless. Try the following tips to ensure a smooth, hassle-free haircut for your dogs.

1) Start brushing your dog daily so they get used to it.
2) Add regular bathing to your dog’s routine.
3) Make your dog used to loud noises and hair dryers.
4) Train your dog regularly and make it exercise.
5) Slowly introduce ear cleaning, nail trimming, and hair cutting.
6) Always hold your dog’s paws and face gently while brushing or cutting its hair.


    The Maltese is a really popular breed that is loved by people for its cute looks and playful character. Their hair grows quite long and you must regularly maintain their coat to prevent matting or tangling. Also, the long hair allows you to try many different cuts and hairstyles on these dogs. 

    We discussed some of the best styles that you can consider. For those searching Maltese puppies for sale, make sure to buy from a trustworthy breeder, and bring an adorable, beautiful puppy home.