Tips for Teaching Commands to Your Boston Terrier Puppy

boston terrier puppy
Training your Boston Terrier puppy can be a rewarding experience. Start with basic commands like sit, stay, and come. Use positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and praise to encourage good behavior. Be patient and consistent, and always keep training sessions short and fun to maintain your puppy's interest and enthusiasm.

Boston Terriers have attained notable fame as a breed of dog that makes the best companions. They are well-known for their intelligence, friendliness, and ease of training. It is essential to initiate training your Boston Terrier Puppy at an early age so that they would learn the basic commands that make them best across the households.

Today, we will explore the different obedience commands that you can teach your pup seamlessly. Therefore, our post will help you understand whether your Boston Terrier is just a pup or has been around for some time.

How to Train Your Boston Terrier Puppy?

You can train your Boston Terrier to be obedient by giving easy commands to shape them into a well-behaved pup. Let us now find out the popular commands you can teach your dog today!


One of the best commands for teaching your pup is the "sit" command. You can initiate by holding a treat right in front of your dog's nose and moving it upwards slowly. While your dog's head follows the treat, the bottom would generally move towards the ground. After their bottom touches the ground, call out "sit" and offer them a treat. Repeat the entire process till your dog automatically sits when you call out the word "sit."


The "stay" command is yet another command you can teach your puppy. Start by commanding your puppy to sit. After they sit, tell them to stay while holding out your hand, blocking them from getting up. If your dog tries getting up then say "no" and place them back into the sit position. After they are in their sit position for a couple of seconds, offer them a treat to release them. Practice this action regularly till your dog stays in the position till you are releasing them.


The command "come" is one of the essential commands you can teach your Boston Terrier. It helps them stay safe in dangerous situations. To teach them this command, start by calling out your Boston's name as they play or eat. As soon as they come to you, say "come" and offer them a treat. Repeat the process until they come to you each time you call out their name.


The "down" command is an important obedience command for your Boston Terrier. Start by commanding your pup to sit. After they sit, slowly move the treat toward the floor so that their head and body are going down. As soon as their body is on the ground, say "down" and give them a treat. Try practicing the command on a regular basis until your dog automatically heads to the down position whenever you say down.

Leave it

The "leave it" command is mainly used to stop your Boston Terrier from picking up or eating things that it should not. You can start by placing an object right in front of the pup. Whenever it goes to pick it up, try leaving it and offering it a treat for not touching the object. Repeat the process until your pup automatically stops whenever you command "leave it."

Drop it

The "drop it" command is mainly used for getting your pup to release something from their mouth. You can start by placing an object right in front of the pup. Whenever they try picking it up, say, drop it and offer them a treat to release the object. Repeat the process till your pup is automatically releasing this object whenever you are telling them to drop it.


The command “no” is an easy one to use to stop your pup from doing anything wrong. It would help if you started by telling your pup no whenever they are doing anything wrong. Offer them a treat whenever they stop, and repeat the entire process until your pup automatically stops whenever you say "no."

boston terrier

Boston Terrier Training Questions

When training your Boston Terrier, you might have several questions about the best methods and practices. In this section, we'll address common training concerns to help you ensure your pup grows into a well-behaved and happy companion.

Are Boston Terriers Difficult to Train?

Boston Terriers are often considered easy to train since they are extremely intelligent and respond well to positive reinforcement. However, it is essential to initiate training them younger since they can become stubborn at times.

Where Can I Buy Trained Boston Terrier Puppies?

Happytail Puppies is the ideal breeding facility for well-trained and obedient Boston Terrier puppies. We start training the pups at an early age so that they can easily socialize with different households.

What Should I Absolutely Avoid When Training my Boston Terrier?

Always try avoiding physical punishment when disciplining your Boston Terrier, as it will teach them to get scared of you and make them more aggressive.

Should I Use a Clicker or Treat When Training my Boston Terrier?

The two common ways of reinforcement include treats and clickers. The decision narrows down to your personal choices. The best thing about using this clicker is not offering various treats to your Boston pup.

Get Pro Advice!

Boston Terrier puppies for sale are extremely amiable, friendly, and a fun-loving dog breed. Ensure to teach them the basic commands like moving on to the highly complex training practices. Also it is important to stay consistent with your training, timing, and commands you are using. At Happytail Puppies we aim to offer the best advice to train your pups at an early age to make them well-socialized.